Popular cam site LiveJasmin has launched a non-explicit off-shoot of its service called Jasmin, in collaboration with Pamela Anderson.

For Jasmin, the company has turned its focus to the explosion of influencers. Instead of looking for camgirls, you can search for “lifestyle, relationship, and sex-positivity influencers” to chat or seek advice from, through text, video messaging, and voice.

Jasmin’s Creative Director is former lust-throb Pamela Anderson, chosen for her passion for ‘sex positivity’, who will be appearing on the platform daily. Jasmin aims to bring the idea of ‘camming’ out of the bedroom and into a more everyday setting, while still holding true to the ideals of its parent site.

It comes after a study revealed that 70 percent of LiveJasmin users said they spoke to camgirls to relieve loneliness, rather than for sexual reasons.

“We were stunned to realize just how much people simply wanted to engage in meaningful conversations with LiveJasmin’s models and realized we needed to provide this audience with a forum that allowed them to do so,” explains Karoly Papp, CEO and Co-Founder of Jasmin.”We launched Jasmin to help foster human connections around shared common interests. “

Further research from the Kinsey Institute surveyed 8,000 LiveJasmin users and found that 68 percent said they could turn to a webcam performer for emotional support, while two thirds said they felt an emotional closeness.

That led the Jasmin team to conclude that a non-explicit version could open the market up to a much wider audience, as well as normalising the act of camming in itself.

But it’s not just Pamela Anderson on the platform. Transgender actress Carmen Carrera, sexologist Nikki Goldstein, psychologist and author Justin Lehmiller, and sex expert Stephen De Wit are among those in the launch roster. All will be taking part in live chats, videos, and group roundtables to discuss relationships, dating and body positivity. More big names are set to be signed in the coming months, the company says.

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