This week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Lora DiCarlo announced the addition of two new massage devices – the Baci and the Onda. Both robotic massagers received awards for innovation at this year’s conference, just as the Ose did last year before it was rescinded and re-awarded.

The two devices are, essentially, a deconstructed Ose, split into two separate toys, which focus on providing different experiences and sensations that mimic human touch.

The Lora DiCarlo Baci is a micro-robotic clitoris stimulator, which the company says is capable of recreating the touch and motion of a pair of human lips, as well as the tongue. The Baci name comes from the Italian word for kiss.

Lora DiCarlo’s second new device is the Onda, a g-spot massager that’s supposed to be able to replicate the touch of human fingers. Onda comes from the Italian word for wave.

As with its Ose launch at the show last year, Lora DiCarlo isn’t overly forthcoming with the tech details of these upcoming products, but they will at least cost less than the Ose’s demanding $290 price tag. The Baci will cost $170, and the Onda will have a retail price of $190. Both are scheduled to go on sale in March this year, providing there are no last-minute hiccups.

Despite being towards the upper end of the price ranges for these sort of devices, Lora DiCarlo is hoping that its widespread media coverage hopes to cement its fledgling position as a sextech brand that will be around for the future, not just a device or three.

We’ll bring you more technical details about the devices when available, along with a full review of each.

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