Meta’s AR glasses sound like they’d be pretty good for sextech integration

meta ar glasses 2024

Some intriguing information about Meta’s forthcoming augmented reality (AR) glasses, and the huge ambition Mark Zuckerberg has for them, has been highlighted by The Verge.

In the long-term, Meta chief Zuckerberg (pictured wearing a virtual reality headset) wants his company’s AR glasses to be a critical part of the metaverse experience that he sees as the internet’s next evolutionary stage, from social media. With the glasses largely designed to aid people interacting with hologram versions of humans, the sextech world is keeping a keen eye on developments.

Zuckerberg reportedly has ambitions for the glasses to aid richer, more immersive video calls, raising the prospect of them becoming handy for the next evolutionary step in remote sex.

According to The Verge, which spoke to Meta insiders, the company aims to release its first incarnation of the AR glasses in 2024. Although specifications are sure to change as development continues, they currently weight 100 grams: around four times the weight of standard glasses.

screenshot 2022 01 18 at 14.46.26
Mark Zuckerberg wearing a Meta virtual reality headset

They currently have a battery life of four hours and are designed to be ‘socially acceptable’ in appearance, with aesthetics that Clark Kent, Superman’s spectacle-wearing civilian alter ego, would approve of.

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The glasses, which are being made under the codename Project Nazare, will not pair with phones. Instead they will pair with a phone-shaped device that handles some of the glasses’ computing legwork, presumably helping the glasses’ retain a compact design.

The glasses will feature eye tracking capabilities, a front-facing camera, and stereo audio. There’s no information about pricing yet, but a cheaper pair of AR glasses is also expected to be released by Meta in 2024.

Meta is reportedly already working on the second and third generations of the glasses, slated for release in 2024 and 2026 respectively. An insider said that Zuckerberg was hoping for an “iPhone moment”, although he does not expect the first generation of the glasses to sell much beyond developer and early adopter circles.

Will a generation of metaverse dwellers be queuing up to whack Meta AR glasses on their faces, so they can digitally caress each other, or get fruity with holograms?

It’s an intriguing prospect, especially as virtual reality (VR) porn seems to be making a breakthrough within the porn industry, as VR headsets become more affordable for home use and less cumbersome than antique deep sea diving helmets.

Zuckerberg previously said that Meta is also working on devices such as its own version of haptic gloves, which will give a realistic sense of ‘feel’ in the metaverse. He might not look like a man starting a digital sexual revolution, but if Meta continues on this route, the fully-immersive AR orgies may not be too far from becoming a reality of sorts.

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