If you’re bored of swiping your way through meaningless matches on Tinder, Miṡhu hopes to do something about that with its new dating app that attempts to bring something new by introducing a sort of ‘personality swiping’ feature.

Admittedly, that’s a term I just made up, but Miṡhu’s raison d’etre is to show you a mix of user profiles and simple questions to swipe your way through. There are pre-made questions, like “House of Cards or Game of Thrones? Yoga or Jogging?” or, perhaps more relevantly, you can create your own question cards.

For now, it’s an iOS-only affair, but there’s an Android build on the way that’s due to arrive “soon,” according to the company.

While combining some basic profiling questions with the swipe format popularised by Tinder and now used by many isn’t exactly novel, it could be worth checking out if you have Tinder fatigue.

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