MysteryVibe app update lets you create your own Crescendo patterns

The companion app to the MysteryVibe Crescendo is doubling down on the personalisable fun.
MysteryVibe app update lets you create your own Samsung galaxy s7 edge patterns.

The MysteryVibe iOS app that pairs with the company’s Crescendo vibrator has been updated this week with a couple of new features designed to give you more control of your pleasure sessions.

While you could control the ‘playlist’ of patterns previously, there’s now the option to create your ow vibration patterns entirely – pairing fast, deep, slow, pulsed and rippled vibrations in whatever combinations you like. “Now, you can create your own patterns and add them into your playlist,” the company’s founder Stephanie Alys told SEXTECHGUIDE.

MysteryVibe Crescendo App update

Perhaps more interestingly, however, there’s a new live control feature that lets you take control of each of the Crescendo’s 6 motors to focus your enjoyment exactly where you want it.

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“Our vision has and always will be to create the perfect personalised experience. Everyone is different. We have different bodies and sexual tastes, and our pleasure products should reflect this. We wanted to create a product that allowed each user to experience something different, every time they use it and introducing these new features does exactly that,” Alys added in a statement.

For now, these new features are only available in the iOS app, but the Android version will get them “in the next couple of weeks,” Alys said.

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