OnlyFans creators made over $4 billion in a single year

onlyfans $4 billion

OnlyFans had a total of two million content creators in 2021, who earned a total of around $4 billion in that year, newly-released accounts for the content subscription platform have shown.

Despite creator trust in the platform being eroded by the adult content ban reverse-ferret performed in August 2021. That year still proved to be hugely profitable for the site and many of its porn creators.

OnlyFans reported pre-tax profits of $433 million in 2021, up from the 2020 figure of $61 million, reported BBC News. Leonid Radvinsky, the owner of the platform, was paid a total of $500 million in dividends over 18 months, including the year of 2021.

Despite criticism leveled at OnlyFans from much of the online porn creator community, in 2021 the number of creators using the platform rose by 34 percent compared to 2020. The amount of OnlyFans users rose to around 188 million, representing a 128 percent rise from 2020 to 2021.

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Not every content creator charging fans for exclusive content on OnlyFans is in the business of explicit adult content. However, the platform’s success was built on the backs of individual porn creators that comprise the bulk of its creator base.

In December 2021 Tim Stokely, who founded OnlyFans in 2016, announced that he was stepping down as its CEO of its parent company Fenix International Limited. Amrapali Gan, who joined OnlyFans in 2020 and worked as its chief marketing and communications officer, was announced as his successor.

It is believed that swathes of creators were attracted to OnlyFans during the Covid-19 pandemic, looking for alternative income as lockdowns caused economic instability.

“We are empowering creators to monetise their content and have real control over it… we will continue to invest in the creator economy by enhancing safety, developing original OFTV [the firm’s free streaming platform] content, and continuing to grow our community of creators and fans,” Gan says.

The company, though, has been criticized for not doing enough to stop minors uploading content to the site, which could be a problem it needs to deal with in the future to avoid the same fate as Pornhub and other adult sites.

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