Pornhub – that site you never, ever visit –  thinks you’re fat and unfit. It thinks you’re too sedentary. It wants you to move more. And it’s all totally altruistic, of course.

The recently launched BangFit ‘sexercise’ routine requires you to point your browser at Bang.Fit and select the number of players (spoiler alert: ‘playing’ with other people is more fun) and gender. This is then synced with your  smartphone via a browser – and, wait for it, there’s even “an official BangFit band” to attach it to your waist.


Then you just “hump along with the video on the screen” to get your muscles pumping. It measures how accurately you’re replicating the moves (or claims to, at least as much as possible via your smartphone’s sensors) to award you points.

It’s exercise and it’s a game, but it’s also a game where everyone’s a winner – and that’s pretty rate.

And, err, if you want, you can then go and share your ‘workout’ on Facebook or Twitter.