RealDoll’s working on a robot sex doll that’s just a head with AI


RealDoll’s CEO Matt McMullen said this week that the company is building a robot sex doll that’ll be programmed to be fun and interactive to make the experience more akin to a human.

That’s all well and good, and even if the notion of robot sex dolls wasn’t already enough of a reach for most people, RealDoll’s approach is to only produce a head. Sort of like a sexy disembodied [there’s no good word to put here]. Yeah.

“We are designing the AI to be fun and engaging, more than focusing on whether it can fool you into thinking it’s a person,” he said on Reddit.

Focusing on just one aspect does free up the company to move away from the realism it approaches in its low-tech life-size sex dolls, which retail for thousands of dollars each and come with swappable faces.

Right now, McMullen says that a fully mechanical walking robot that’s also smarter than a toaster just isn’t viable. It’s the moving part of that holding things up though, not the AI.

The aim with that side of things is to make the AI accessible to people who don’t have a doll too.

“We are building an AI system which can either be connected to a robotic doll OR experienced in a VR environment,” he said, adding that the aim is to be able to “at least simulate” love.

And on the topic of how it could impact relationships between humans, McMullen doesn’t think there’s much to worry about – despite explicitly saying that the company’s competition is a woman.

“I think it will allow for an option that never existed before, and for some, may represent a happiness they never though they could have,” McMullen said.

The AI app is due for release in the next six months, and the scary sounding robotic head by the end of next year.

Of course, with others saying that mainstream adoption of sex robots could happen within a decade.

You can check out the latest clip from Invasion of the Sex Robots that the still above is taken from here.

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