Red Light Center and Utherverse will host your cancelled Pride events

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With the likelihood of the usual Pride events celebrating LGBTQ+ culture this summer standing at around zero squared, it’s good to know that thoughts are already turning to online alternatives.

Enter Red Light Center – the adult ‘city’ within virtual world Utherverse, which has announced a month of events to mark Pride, taking place throughout June.

Utherverse (for the uninitiated) is a series of virtual cities – with bars, venues, cafes and so on, where avatars can meet and chat (older readers may remember Second Life – it’s a bit like that). One of those cities is the aforementioned Red Light Center, which is a sexier-themed night time area, modelled in part of Amsterdam’s legendary Red Light District.

“Red Light Center has always been an LGBTQ-positive virtual world, and this year it is more important than ever to celebrate our diversity and community in Pride,” said Utherverse CEO Brian Shuster. “We have already begun to plan the festivities, including  a massive Pride parade with floats and all kinds of fun, flamboyant decorations, costumes and parties.”

Utherverse has also said that it will host any city or community wishing to move its Pride celebrations online, while the circumstances in the real world won’t allow it.

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“We can create any social environment you can dream up,” explains Shuster. “This can include live events, parades, dances, meet-ups, costume parties… any kind of event or occasion that you wish to have. Come join us in the celebration!”

The 3D-avatar driven site isn’t all geared around ‘adult’ entertainment, but make no mistake, it’s designed with adults in mind and the opportunities to take your meet-and-greets to the next level are many and frequent.

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