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Think you’re alone with your terrible dates? RefundMyShitDate shows you’re really not


Ever come back from a date thinking “Well, that’s four hours of my life and 200 bucks I won’t get back”? RefundMyShitDate is one way to try and reclaim something good from an otherwise frustrating situation

The new website is the brainchild of Scottish singer-songwriter Alexina and her long-time artist collaborator Daisy King, built as a cross-promotional tool for Alexina’s music.

It offers you the chance to tell the world about your shit date, and if you’re very lucky, will offer you up to £100 ($130) back, so you’re not out of pocket. The waste of time is still your own problem, unfortunately.

The best stories appear on the site, which has been beautifully designed so each story looks like a restaurant receipt, complete with the offending bill total at the bottom.

The site explains that, “the aim for Refund My Shit Date is to give back to those who have lost out to love, to provide a safe, anonymous space for people to let rip on their WORST DATE STORIES EVER and to create a platform where people can come together and laugh, cry and leave feeling a little better about life.”

The submissions so far are both hilarious and relatable. From the guy who brought a security detail to the restaurant to the guy who decided to demonstrate how he could eat a lit cigarette (he couldn’t), or the one who used his KFC wet wipes to clean his armpits and groin, there’s something for everyone who has ever had a bad date.

At the time of writing, there are over one million pounds ($1.3m) worth of unhappy endings to browse through – and yes there are some bad female daters too, though the vast majority are male.

And if you think you’ve never been on a ‘bad date’ you probably have, you just might not have realized you were causing it. If you look through the list and can spot yourself, at least take it as a pointer on how not to be ‘that’ person next time you head out.

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