While you might think that the return of a popular series like Orange is the New Black has little effect beyond allowing the dishes to stack up in the sink while you binge-watch your way through the entire series, it turns out it also has a pretty big effect on the type of porn people are searching for too.

According to Pornhub’s Insights team (NSFW), the season 4 return last Friday led to some changes in behaviour from the site’s visitors over the following days.


Primarily, searches for ‘lesbian’, ‘prison’ and ‘jail’ all went though the roof – rising by as much as 59 percent for searches containing both ‘lesbian’ and ‘prison’.

Searches for either ‘prison’ or ‘jail’ alone saw increases of around 21 percent. And searches including both ‘lesbian’ and ‘prison’ shot up 67 percent among women.


People were obviously a little too busy binge watching to spend much time searching for porn on the Friday of release (no pun intended) but by Saturday, clearly needed some time away from Netflix, though not a screen entirely.

However, by far and away the biggest increase in searches was for “lesbian prison guard”, which was up 475 percent. I’d wager a fair amount of those searchers left disappointed though – it’s a term that only yields 10 results.

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