Ruby Glow Blush billed as ‘world’s first’ ride-on-wand combo sex toy

ruby glow blush

A vibrating sex toy billed as the ‘world’s first’ ride-on/wand combination device has been released by Rocks Off.

The remote-controlled Ruby Glow Blush device is a humped vibrator that can be straddled and ‘ridden’ when placed in its charging compartment, to give areas such as the vulva, perineum and anus vibration-induced stimulation.

The waterproof device can also be used as a more traditional vibrating wand, by taking it out of its charging compartment. The device can’t be controlled by any apps, but comes with its own remote control device with a range of up to 15 metres, which sounds all the more useful for a ride-on toy.

ruby glow blush
The new Ruby Glow Blush

The Ruby Glow Blush, made by Rocks Off, follows the release of the original Ruby Glow saddle sex toy device. The new model is available to pre-order in the UK for £89.99, with first units set for delivery in “late March”. US pricing is not currently available.

Like its predecessor, the Ruby Glow Blush was designed by erotic author, blogger and artist Tabitha Rayne. Its vibrating pads have ten vibration intensity settings, which can be controlled via the supplied remote control.

screenshot 2022 03 21 at 15.56.17
Designer Tabitha Rayne with the original Ruby Glow device

With most wand-style sex toys designed to be held in the hand and moved around the genitals, the Ruby Glow Blush does fill a niche. It offers a ride-on experience with a standard-sized sex toy, without the need to go all out and buy a large ride-on device such as a Motorbunny.

Speaking about the inspiration for her original ride-on Ruby Glow device in 2016, Rayne said: “I came up with a design and a shape to suit, and began to think of other women that might find it useful, particularly those who can’t or don’t use penetrative sex toys, or people with weakness in their wrists, mobility issues, or even those who simply can’t reach to operate sex toys.”

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