A San Francisco film collective is making the most of the strange world order with a crowdfunding campaign aiming to take its porn film festival online, and in doing so, build a platform for its future.

In spite of the rules surrounding pornographic content on mainstream hosting sites, Pink and White Productions, an LGBTQ+ film studio, is spearheading a campaign to create a platform that will allow adult film festivals to continue.

In the short term, the platform will support the San Francisco PornFilmFestival which was due to make its debut this year, as a US version of the legendary Berlin event.

The goal of the IndieGoGo campaign is to fund a ‘switcher’ (or vision mixing desk) to allow smooth transition between live content and recordings. Additionally, development of Pink and White’s existing platform is required to add interactive features such as chat facilities, which will mean that future film festivals will be just as interactive.

Funding will also allow a “small but respectful” screening fee to reimburse filmmakers, who remain in limbo as parts of the world continue to lock-down.

After the San Francisco event, the platform will be available, free of charge, to other film festivals who are unable to use mainstream facilities.

Stretch goal ideas include accessibility features, such as closed-captioning (or subtitles to our Limey cousins).

Funding will be classed as sponsorship of the event, offering various perks from a festival pass and “thanks” on Facebook, through to the top tier which includes a thank you from the moderator before each screening.

Or, if you can’t afford to be a sponsor (which starts at $100), there are other perks including a Pass to the festival ($15), membership to Pink & White ($50) or a Fun Factory Vibrator from Other Nature ($69).

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