Streaming porn platform xHamster has announced plans for a three-day fundraiser between June 26 – 28 to bring much needed donations for Trans and Sex worker charities

The company will mark this year’s global Pride celebrations by opening its camera streams to activists, offering 15-30 minute slots to campaigns from artists, sex workers, LGBTQ+ content creators amongst others, with shows being given pride of place on the Top Slots of both xHamsterLive and partner Stripchat.

All shows will also be eligible for promotion on xHamster social media channels.

Money raised from buying ‘show time’ will be given, along with any donations raised on the day, to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, which campaigns for sexual equality across all genders, the Sex Workers Outreach Project and the Rainbow Railroad, which works to help LGBTQ+ people escape persecution and hate crime.

As part of the announcement, Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamsterLive said:

“Sex workers — particularly trans and gender non-conforming sex workers of color — were on the frontlines at Stonewall. This year, 50 years after those first Liberation Day Marches, and it’s time again to bring them at the front!”

xHamster is the latest platform to open its doors to activism, whether actively or passively. At a time when Pride, Black Lives Matter and of course a global pandemic have intersected, it’s hardly surprising that so many people want to amplify their voices.

In some cases, there has been resistance, with social network TikTok and dating app Tinder taking an early stand against such activism on their platforms, before backing down under mounting pressure from growing movements.

If you’d like to take part, contact [email protected] with details of your plans – it can be anything you want to stream, adult or otherwise, but ‘make it Pride-themed’.

A full schedule for the event will be published on xHamster’s blog once all submissions are received.

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