Must-have sextech, toys and accessories for people with disabilities

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In the field of sexuality, it’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamor of new sex toys. New features advance the way we think about and express sexuality. Almost weekly, new lists of amazing sex toys to try come out.

Often, though, people with disabilities are left behind.

Disability is as diverse as any other category of existence. While that diversity is beautiful, it can also make finding the right sex toys for our bodies difficult. What one person swears by might not be accessible or helpful for someone else.

Here are some of my favorite sex toys organized by issues you might be running into.

Decreased Sensation? Try the Doxy Massager

If there’s one toy perfect for people struggling with decreased sensation, the Doxy Massager Wand is it.

With a plethora of attachments (like masturbating sleeves and clitoral stimulators), the wand is also a perfect toy for anyone regardless of gender or genitalia.

It isn’t quiet though, which can present its own drawbacks. It can also be slightly cumbersome to maneuver. Other wand massagers may be easier to hold or quieter, but that often means sacrificing on the strength of the experience.

Struggling with Buttons? Try Toys with Remotes or Pressure-based Controls

There are a lot of remote controlled toys out there. Those from Sola are well-priced, high quality, and financially accessible for many.

Sola offers a wand massager with a remote in the Sola Sync. The flexible head is small enough to be comfortably insertable. The Sync also offers an ergonomic handle and soft silicone body. The buttons on the wand itself are located in a spot where you’re unlikely to hit them by accident – something the Doxy is notorious for. The remote makes it easy to switch up the vibrations while fitting in the palm of your hand.

Like the Sync, the Pip is both soft and easy to use. This vibrating egg is incredibly quiet – quieter than a ticking clock. As it doesn’t have a flared base, this insertable toy should not be used anally.

The Egg Massager Passion Set offers another accessible feature – pressure-based controls. The more you push the massager into your body, the deeper and faster the vibrations become. You can even lock the toy, keeping the vibrations at just the right spot.

sola egg massager
Sola Egg Massager Set

Bluetooth devices are also a great option. Controlling toys via an app or wristband is a great option for people struggling with hand dexterity issues. That said, they’re often fairly expensive when compared with their less techy counterparts.

Want to Top Someone, but Can’t Find the Right Tools? Bag an Accessible Flogger

Ignixia is an amazing leather worker. In addition to providing sex education and information on chronic pain, she’s developed the first line of accessible kink products called Kinkability. The first offering in the line is a flogger developed specifically for people living with Ectrodactyly or lower arm amputations.

Sexual Pain? Check out OhNut

After a successful Kickstarter fundraiser, OhNut was born from a woman experiencing pain with penetrative sex. Their site does a great job discussing pain around sex while being inclusive of trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people, too.

OhNut aims to help reduce pain with penetrative sex by providing a buffer to limit the amount of penetration. When you receive the OhNut, you get a series of rings made from a special polymer blend. You decide how many rings you need to feel the most comfortable, slide those over a penis or other insertable object, and enjoy! There are ways to adjust the width for comfort and this can be easily used with a condom.


OhNut might not feel like it’s on the cutting edge, but this is a revolutionary product. Women and other people with vaginas are constantly told their sexual pain isn’t important. Giving them ways to work towards solutions that allow them to still find pleasure and connect with partners? That’s priceless.

Hands-free Penetration – Try Suction Cup Dildos

The Avant line from Blush Novelties takes the cake as my personal favorite suction cup dildo. There are a variety of shapes to explore – including butt plugs – and they come in Pride colors. What’s not to love?

Independent dildo slinger Funkit Toys offer a number of colorful silicone dildos with suction cups. He’s also got some of the most affordable body-safe toys in the game. His work is beautiful, accessible, and customizable – something you don’t always get with larger companies.

Struggling with movement – Thrusting toys and strokers

From pulsators and thrusters to accessible sex furniture, there are a variety of ways to handle problems with movement. Thrusting vibrators and pulsators are relatively new to the game. The wide variety means there’s something for everyone.

Fun Factory’s Stronic line offers up realistic options alongside others like the Surf where ripples are king. The Bi Stronic Fusion combines a rabbit vibrator with Fun Factory’s patented pulsator technology for double the fun.

Of course, they’re not alone in that last offering. Calexotics’ California Dreaming line might even one-up Fun Factory, by integrating a memory chip that keeps track of how you like to play.

Pipedream’s Portable Sex Machine offers two dildos, a vibrator, and bondage gear in a light package. At a maximum speed of 183 thrusts a minute, this product brings something for everyone. Strong suction cups allow for placement on walls, floors, and more.

The Robo Fuk Thrusting Sex Machine is a similar product, just more accessible. At about $600, it may be out of reach financially for many. That said, it allows more adjustments than Pipedream’s machine such as the ability to change angles or add on a pocket pussy. It’s relatively quiet, too, offering a high level of privacy. The dildo attachment is also somewhat bendable, allowing people to tailor their thrusting fun.

There’s plenty of love here for penises, too.

JETT014 2

Hot Octopuss, a company that focuses on accessible toys, just released a new product called the Jett. A stretchy ring with two bullet vibrators attached, the Jett delivers hands-free orgasms with or without an erection. One bullet vibrates incredibly deeply while another delivers a higher frequency.

While they can be used separately, they’re designed to do double duty – something we haven’t seen in a penis toy so far. Their attached remote makes it easy to switch up the vibrations, too. It’s designed to pack more punch than a vibrating cock ring since it sits just below the frenulum (right below the head of the penis).

Fun Factory’s Manta has a built in handle which can provide more to hold on to and make it easier to operate.

If you’re looking for more sensation on the head of the penis, the Zolo Warming Dome is a great option. It also heats up!

Toy Mounts and Sex Furniture

In the world of toy mounts, Liberator rules. They offer a wide variety for both external toys and pocket pussies.

The Wanda is perhaps the company’s most popular product. Like all Liberator products, it’s ergonomic and flows well with the natural position of the body. It’s also set up specifically to hold wand massagers – especially the Hitachi Magic Wand.

One drawback to Liberator’s mounts is that they’re not adjustable. Enter the It Collection Perfect Pleasure Cushion. With five distinct shapes and multiple mounting slots, it can adjust to fit anybody’s needs. Accommodating a wide variety of toys, the Perfect Pleasure Cushion was actually designed by someone who deals with disability. The site even serves as a great resource for position ideas that showcase the versatility of the cushion.

Have recommendations we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comments below!

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Kirsten S
Kirsten S

Kirsten S is a genderfluid sex educator and writer currently living in Wisconsin. Through their work as a queer disability activist, they have earned a reputation for tearing down barriers while mindfully causing constructive trouble. They run Chronic Sex which openly discusses how illness and disability affect our relationships with ourselves and others including - you guessed it - sex! When not trying to save the world, Kirsten enjoys playing video games, cooking, and hiking.

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