The idea of internet-connected male masturbators isn’t entirely new, but SayberX says its new creation currently seeking $50,000 funding on Indiegogo is the first to “feel like real sex.” Well, for men, at least.

SayberX’s taking an interesting rotating design, which results in a vertical stroking motion and hence doesn’t need any manual intervention.

The real sell SayberX is banking on for the device is anyone in a long-distance relationship, or people who like the idea of letting others essentially take control of it.


When used with the paired ring via an app, the device’s speed is dependent on how quickly the ring is moving.


For launch, and where the CAM4 tie-in comes up, Sayberx is providing models on the site with the rings to ensure that people without partners can still let someone else take control.

The lowest tier to get your early bird pledge for a SayberX masturbator is $199 – there’s also an early bird deal that includes one SayberX and one X-Ring for $220. The earliest estimated delivery is from February next year.

There’s no female-counterpart to this, as with something like the Kiiroo.

One perhaps concerning, perhaps reassuring note on the Indiegogo page is that this is mains powered and doesn’t require charging. Frankly, I think I’d rather the chance of a battery running flat than being plugged into the wall.

Note: This article was updated to reflect that CAM4’s deal with SayberX is exclusive.