Sex therapy app Blueheart gets £1m funding to boost AI

Blueheart, a sex therapy app, secures £1m funding to enhance its AI capabilities.

UK-based sex therapy app Blueheart has received a £1m boost in seed funding from two London-based venture capital firms.

The app features evidence-based therapy sessions in sex and relationships issues via an audio and written format, and the funding – from PROfounders Capital and Calm/Storm – will help advance the app’s AI capabilities to provide improve individual user experience.

The sessions were designed by sex therapist and editor of the Journal of Couple & Realationship Therapy Dr Katherine Hertlein, who is also working with the team as an expert advisor.

The team claims the app is different to similar therapy-based offerings in the wellness market because of its commitment to accurate evidence.

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PROfounders Capital partner Rogan Angelini-Hurll said: “Blueheart immediately stood out to us. There’s a lot of noise in the wellness and self-improvement market, but very few offerings focus on evidence-based solutions which match the efficacy of in-person therapy.”

The funding boost will also be used to expand the available suite of therapy sessions and advance therapeutic research.

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(L-R): CEO and founder Sachin Raoul, head of content Sophie Browness, CTo and founder Robbie Coomber, in-house therapist Alex White

Blueheart supports users via three main areas: thought sessions, which focus on sexual fears and anxieties; body sessions, which centre around building a positive relationship with your body, both alone and with a partner; and connection sessions, which focus on how to communicate.

The vision is to have an inclusive platform that caters to all sexual orientations and gender identities, but for now they’re focused on women in relationships experiencing low libido, with a range of further sessions set to go live in the coming months.

The app is currently free to “help ease the pressure of social isolation on relationships”. It’s usually £50 a month.

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