9 unmissable sextech podcast episodes to listen to right now

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If reading SEXTECHGUIDE isn’t quite enough to satisfy your insatiable desire for all things sexy and techy, check out our round-up of podcast episodes discussing that special place where sex and tech meet.

With conversation from popular YouTube vloggers, experienced sexologists, relationships therapists and innovative entrepreneurs, these nine podcast episodes are a great place to start if you want to understand the current conversations taking place in this emerging sector of tech.

Somewhat understandably, the majority of this content is strictly NSFW, so headphones might be a good idea if you’re listening in the office.

1. The Future of Sex ft sex tech expert Bryony Cole | This Is Why You’re Single with Laura Lane and Angela Spera

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With more than 170 episodes in its archive, Why You’re Single is a great listen for those with of any relationship status. In this episode, listen to hosts Laura Lane and Angela Spera talk to Future of Sex host Bryony Cole about VR porn, sex robots, teledildonics… we could go on.

2. Talk Dirty To Me with Cindy Gallop | Stayin’ Alive In Technology

Make Love Not Porn founder, Cindy Gallop talks about paving the way for a sex-positive experience on the web and what the future of sextech means for the world on this tech-focused podcast.

3. Sextech turn-ons | Tech Weekly Podcast from The Guardian

Journalist Nathalie Nahaï is joined by Stephanie Alys from Mystery Vibe, anonymous sex blogger Girl On The Net and Dr Kathleen Richardson for the Campaign Against Sex Robots for this one-off discussion around hi-tech sex.

4. Sextech investor Heidi PatmoreCliff Central

Heidi Patmore and Gareth Cliff

Listen to South African broadcaster Gareth Cliff speak to sextech investor Heidi Patmore about how sextech is pushing innovation in consumer technology.

5. Sex Tech | Holy F****** Science

HFS podcast sex tech episode

The HFS group are joined by sex educator Stevie Boebi to talk about the history of sex tech and how it’s developed over the centuries.

6. Tinder, Teledildonics & Sex in 2020Future Of Sex with Bryony Cole

This live recording of the popular Future of Sex podcast predicts future trends of sextech and how they might affect human sexuality, featuring author Tina Horn, relationships educator Dr Tammy Nelson, sexologist Mal Harrison and journalist Sue-Jaye Johnson.

7. Inside the Camming for Crypto Lifestyle with Melissa Sweet1 | TantraPunk

LA-based activist and writer TantraPunk talks to adult entertainment performer Melissa Sweet1 about how she got into camming and delves deep into the intersection of cryptocurrency and sextech, discussing crypto security, adult crypto products and the future of crypto camming.

8. Ela Darling of PVR | Unzipped: the business of sex

Maxine Lynn

This new podcast looking at the business of sex features recently signed ambassador Ela Darling from PVR as its first guest.

9. The Future of Love and Sex | Love HQ with Hayley Quinn

LoveHQ with Hayley Quinn

TV personality Hayley Quinn talks to Mastery Vibe co-founder Stephanie Alys about sextech, intimidation and the potential for the industry’s future.

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