You’ve made it to SexTechGuide.com – but you’re here, so you know that already. I’m not going to keep you long, I promise, but just wanted to tell you what we’re here for – and exactly what we’re not.

We’re bringing you the most informed, truthful and accurate news, reviews and features about sextech on the Web. But there’s no actual pornography. Sorry if you came here looking for that. If a story is ever deemed NSFW, you’ll find it in its own special NSFW section. You need to be over 18 to read pretty much any story on the site, though there’s still no actual porn here. No siree.

But what should you expect?

Well, you don’t want to download any old app to your precious phone – there are plenty of malicious ones you want to avoid – so you won’t want to miss our app roundups.

Or if you’re interested to find out more about virtual reality and how to get started, what it’ll cost and what to expect, then you’ll want to keep a close eye on our VR section. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should VR porn is weird. Weird good, though, obviously.

The BEST thing you could possibly do is follow us to make sure you never miss out. You can do that on Twitter, by Liking our Facebook page or by signing up for updates via the STGuide newsletter. We’ll never spam you or sell your email address; it’s really shitty when people do that. Or if you’re really old-school, you can follow our updates via RSS.

Go do that now.

Oh, and if you find a bit of the site that’s broken, or you have a suggestion – a constructive one – please let us know.

I started this site and keep it running. Tech. Sex. The future. SEXTECHGUIDE is a place to look a bit closer at that the place where those things meet. My regular work is currently found on WIRED, TrustedReviews, The Inquirer, V3, The Next Web and many more sites. I'm available to hire, or for media consultation/training for startups. If you want to get in contact, shoot an email to contact@sextechguide.com.

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