Solace now offers advice and coaching for transgender kids too


Although the social and political taboos around the transgender community are starting to break down, there’s little doubt that, for a younger person struggling with their identity, there’s still a lot to consider and a lot of tact and sensitivity to be offered.

That’s why Solace, a mobile app aimed at helping users through their transition with a series of mini-goals to aim for, has launched a new Child Mode.

The free app, created by the not-for-profit Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund offers nearly 400 ideas for goals, made up of legal, medical and lifestyle goals – everything from pre-operative preparation to practising your new signature. Each goal also contains advice and resources to help you complete it.

Even in Child Mode, Solace is aimed at adults to work through with their transgender child, rather than have them use it themselves in secret. That creates the opportunity for more open dialogue between adult and child, but equally, it gives the parent, who is probably on a steep learning curve too, opportunities to get expert advice on what their child is going through and how best to support them.

In an announcement on Instagram, Solace explains: “Since we started working on Solace, we knew we wanted to make a version that would help parents and guardians of transgender youth guide their kids through transition …we are thrilled to be able to provide the same depth and detail we provided for Solace.⁣”

Solace is fully-encrypted and available, free of charge, for both iOS and Android. Child mode can be activated from within the app, and includes over 100 goals aimed specifically at younger transitioners.

As a not-for-profit, the Trust is also seeking donations to continue development. There’s details on how to do that, as well as more within the app, on the Solace website.

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