Anti-catfish Tinder Photo Verification arrives for UK daters

Tinder Photo Verification UK

Tinder users in the UK can date with a little more confidence this week, following the roll-out of its ‘catfish catcher’ tool.

First launched as a limited test in the US, the authentication process, known as ‘Tinder Photo Verification’ aims to reduce the number of ‘you don’t look like your photo’ moments that users encounter on first meetings… or worse.

To enroll, you simply need to take two photos using the camera app built-in to Tinder. These are then compared to your profile photos using an AI algorithm. If they match, you’ll be given a prestigious blue-tick on your profile.

Unlike blue ticks on other social networks, which indicate that you are ‘of note’, and limited to celebrities and public figures, the blue-tick in Tinder is open to everyone who can prove that they are who they say they are.

At the moment, there are humans helping tune the algorithm, and therefore involved in the approval purpose, but Tinder aims to automate the whole process when it’s working at optimum accuracy, slotting into a growing number of safety tools for users.

It’s worth remembering that this isn’t a silver bullet for abusers and timewasters. People can still join the platform using genuine photos and have less than genuine motives. However, it will at least go some way to preventing some dirty old man pretending to be a young debutante of the dating scene.

To verify your profile, all you need to do is tap on the checkmark next to your name and age in the app and tap “Verify your profile”. Because the system is, at least theoretically, automated, you’ll need to strike a pose as instructed – this isn’t the time to be shirtless and holding puppies.

Tinder has recently found itself at the centre of the #BlackLivesMatter protests after a blanket ban on users who vocally supported the movement on their profile led to outrage. Tinder has since reversed the decision and reinstated those affected.

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