Tinder has touted its caring credentials in India, offering free online therapy sessions for users of the dating app in the country and telling swipers that “support is just a click away”.

Through the rest of July, Tinder users in India are being offered two free web sessions with licensed therapists, in collaboration with the health app Visit Health. The offer is part of a wider “wellness” collaboration between Tinder and Visit Health, with users also offered content such as fitness videos and meditation aids.

The free therapy sessions could lead to paid-for follow-ups, with users offered discounted rates on further therapy sessions following the freebies.

Tinder, India’s most-used dating app, hit all the right 2021 mental health and pandemic buzzwords when announcing the initiative. The collaboration arrived with India coming off the back of a large wave of Covid-19 infections in the country, that by July 5, 2021 had led to over 400,000 registered deaths.

Taru Kapoor, general manager of Tinder and Match Group, India, said: “The pandemic has put things in perspective for all of us. Covid-19 has been hard on mental health, especially for our young members who are dealing with a new normal. The last couple of months have been particularly hard with nearly everyone dealing with heightened levels of grief, stress, anxiety, and loss.”

Kapoor added: “We recognise that every once in a while, one needs to pause and check-in and hope that with this initiative, our members find comfort in the fact that now support is just a click away on Tinder.”

Dhruva Kalra, Visit Health’s head of strategy and growth, said the offer would “provide a safe space for young adults and support their emotional and social well-being.”

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