Last month, Tinder unveiled a Boost option that lets you pay to appear in the featured results for your local area for 30 minutes, thereby making your profile a whole lot more visible to people using the app and getting you more matches. Or so the theory goes.

Now, that feature’s available to users in the UK too and testing is underway in Australia. You can only activate Boost while swiping and Tinder Plus subscribers get one free 30-minute Boost each week.

However, you should probably keep in mind that just because you’re appearing at the top of the search results, if you represent yourself as a dullo or arsehat, you’re still not likely to hold anyone’s attention for long.

Once your Boost is over, you’ll get a notification telling you how many more views you got by using the feature.

Tinder hasn’t confirmed pricing of an individual Boost for users, but Tinder Premium’s price varies by age – £3.99 if you’re under 28 and £14.99 if you’re over 28.