Virtual Mate, an uncoming virtual sex system, has announced that orders for its first retail units can be placed from October. Ahead of this, the company is running its second, Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, starting September 2.

Bridging the gap between sex toys and interactive content, the first 500 people can pre-order the “Core” multi-functional masturbatory sleeve and its compatible Virtual Mate game (for PCs, tablets, smartphones, and VR headsets) at the early-bird price of $99. The next 1,000 can buy the “Indiegogo special” for half the RRP at $119, making the full retail price just under $240.

Currently, the first of those deliveries is due to arrive with customers at the start of 2020.

Your personalized virtual intimacy experience

Since we first reported on Virtual Mate back in March, it is now offering more personalization of the product. For $399, your virtual mate can be programmed to call your name during your intimate moments together. Room customization will cost $1,000, and for a private custom plot, where you can design your own storyline and have the development team make it for you, will cost $10,000.

Virtual Mate’s CEO, Jeff Dillon, has said with the crowdfunding campaign he wants to focus “on character display and maximizing our computer processing power to shape the ultimate lifelike ‘mate'” that responds to your depth and speed in real time.

Since unleashing Sheila, its first virtual girlfriend, people are now being offered the chance to vote for the next virtual model. Choosing between a host of mostly white and female adult entertainers, including Lexi Luna, Jessica Sage, Maddy O’Reilly, Cindy Starfall, Tana Lea, Tiffany Watson. Fans are also encouraged to suggest other entertainers they’d like to see become a virtual mate. Even models are being offered the chance to nominate themselves.

It doesn’t stop there though, as Virtual Mate says that literally anyone willing can have themselves replicated as a realistic virtual mate, provided they authorize the copyright. Naturally.

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