Xelfex is a condom-like male masturbator that can be used alone or inside another toy to make cleaning easy

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Cleaning up after using your favorite toys can always be a bit of a drag, but Xelfex is a masturbation sleeve that can be used on its own or inside a sex toy to avoid the hassle of cleaning up any of the mess you make.

Made out of latex and dotted on the inside, creating added sensation for the wearer, the company says Xelfex is the “smallest masturbator in the world, almost the size of a condom.” It comes with a resealable pouch for disposal, and lube sachet – and as you probably guessed, it’s intended as a single-use item.

The napkin rim allows for the user to wipe after masturbation while removing it.

Convenient Disposal of xelfex

Sex tech benefits

Fleshlights can be difficult to clean up and if not cleaned correctly can be hazardous, with bacteria growth causing infections and the spread of STIs. Xelfex is designed to keep semen off the inside of sex toys, which should therefore make the using the toy safer.

Founder of the company, Fazle Imdad, told SEXTECHGUIDE that Xelfex is important to sex technology “as it will solve the key problem of cleaning up after masturbation [for folks with penises] thus enhancing the overall experience, be it with hands or a masturbator.”

He adds that various use-cases make Xelfex complementary to current products out there such as VR porn. “Masturbating with hands is super-hard while consuming VR porn, as one is completely immersed and struggles to find lube, napkins etc.”

Though it is not to be used as a contraceptive, Imdad explains it is to be worn in a similar way. There are also benefits of using the product as a “preparatory experience to use condoms comfortably, and without error during partnered sex.”

Xelfex will cost between $0.79 to $0.99 each, and the company plans to launch on a crowdfunding platform later this year – though we should probably also note that we’re not huge fans of single-use products, or their impact on the planet.

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