Dating: ‘Should I double text?’ Yes, but when is key

Double-texting: a good or a bad idea? That really depends when you do it.
double text

We’re not entirely convinced that Tinder and other dating apps are entirely used for dating anymore, rather than just seeing how many matches or likes you can amass, but for the few people that do still use them to go out and meet other humans in real life, there’s some good news if you’re wondering whether you should have sent that double text.

The concern, of course, is ‘looking too keen’, but results from research pulled together by dating app Hinge suggests that a well-timed second text will in fact increase your chances of getting a response, rather than diminish them.

In looking at 300,000 conversations, stripping out initial two-line text messages, the data showed that the optimal time to send the second text to someone was three hours and 52 minutes after the initial message. Even waiting a week after the first message was sent results in a one in three chance of getting a response, rather than a one in 500 if you don’t send another message.

The lesson? Timing is everything.

Just don’t be that creep that never stops texting if you get no response, eh.

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