Spice up lockdown with YouPorn’s Wheel of Foreplay

Wheel of Foreplay

There seems to be some assumption by the big porn sites that quarantine has rotted our brains for sexual imagination, and we need help. In some cases, those damn porn sites may well be right.

To wit, one freshly offered-up option is the ‘Wheel of Foreplay’, a website for couples in need of ideas, courtesy of a hookup between YouPorn and Future of Sex Labs.

The site works whether you’re locked down with your partner, or separated by a screen and looking for some cyber fun.

Before you even get to spin, both partners have to agree to accept rules of consent, which is only proper, given the ‘ideas’ that will be suggested. Once you’ve agreed to things like openly communicating, checking that the consent is still valid throughout through non-verbal communications (not just waiting for a safe word), and acknowledging that the suggestions are just that – you can say no, or agree to alter the wording if you’re uncomfortable, you’re ready to get started.

There are five packs of suggestions at launch, with more dropping regularly, the company says. You can pick from ‘sensual’, ‘physical’, ‘mindful’, ‘solo’ or ‘long distance’, all with varying degrees of difficulty and kink.

Wheel of Foreplay Suggestion
A suggestion from the wheel.

We found everything from Hide and Seek and Screw to first-time rimming, to role-play video calls, and that’s the tip of a very sexy iceberg.

For bored couples, it’s a great idea for spicing things up. For those forced to be apart, it’s a single resource to get up to speed on cybersex.

Of course, YouPorn isn’t just along for the ride, as it were. Many of the activities involve watching porn together, either remotely or together-but-in-sync, so there’s plenty of opportunities to promote the site, while helping you cultivate a deeper understanding of your partner.

At a time when some couples are being forced apart by the pandemic, others have been thrown together for longer than perhaps they ever have been before.

Working on your sex life could be the perfect anti-dote to discovering that your bae is also terribly bad at doing the dishes.

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