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1 Virtual orgy

What’s an online sex party really like? We attended 3 to find out

With people's movements heavily restricted around the world, online sex parties are growing in popularity, so we attended three to let you know what it's like.
2 haptic virtual sex 2022

‘Haptic vest’ developments could lead to more immersive virtual sex experiences

A new 'haptic vest' aimed at virtual reality gamers got us thinking about the future of interactive sex experiences, and how haptics will make them more real.
3 deepnude featured

DeepNude app shuts down after going viral – but deepfake tech isn’t going away

An app that simulated undressing photos of women has been removed from sale, but the technology behind it has already been let loose online.
4 Naughty America adds support for the handy sex toy

Naughty America’s first foray into interactive VR porn shows the power of listening

Naughty America (and its VR division) are slowly adding support to some of their scenes to allow users to watch them while using TheHandy interactive toy.
5 passionflix

Passionflix’s erotic videos are easy to mock, but Tosca Musk could get the last laugh

Passionflix makes some of the cheesiest erotic videos of current times, but it's aiming at a potentially massive target market that grew up with Mills & Boon.
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  • InstantApps1500x780 2

    Google's new 'Instant Apps' for Android could be huge for the adult industry

    June 7, 2016