Lovense Diamo review: An impressive cock ring for couples or remote play


$99.00 $199.00

Lovense Diamo review: An impressive cock ring for couples or remote play
Lovense Diamo review: An impressive cock ring for couples or remote play
Lovense Diamo review: An impressive cock ring for couples or remote play
$99.00 $199.00
Fully waterproof
High-quality hardware and software
Powerful vibrations
Variety of use scenarios

Lovense is expanding its range of Bluetooth-connected sex toys with the Diamo, the company’s first foray into cock rings.

Lovense has been the brand of choice for many since the pandemic began, thanks to its well-designed, distance-controlled app Lovense Remote.

In one way, the device is a bit of a late entrant to the market, given the company’s pedigree in remote toys, but then again, there aren’t all that many long-distance remote cock rings available on the market.

Now, the Diamo is filling that spot as the newest Lovense toy for people with penises.

Lovense Diamo: Design and functionality

The Diamo is well packaged and looks like a premium toy. The review model was matt black silicone, which is fine but suffers from that material’s tendency to be a tiny bit plain and to show up any dust or greasy fingerprints quite strongly.

It comes with a storage pouch, magnetic charger cable and a brief and easy-to-follow instruction manual.

On the side of the device, you have dual magnetic charging points, and a little nodule you can use a button to operate the toy. Despite these charging points, the whole thing is waterproof.

Lovense Diamo: Hardware

The Diamo is a very solid piece of kit (the silicone is only interrupted by two protruding metal nubs which are used for charging). Yep, that’s right, there’s no little flap of rubber you need to lift up to reveal a microUSB port. Instead, the charging cable is magnetic and attaches easily into place in a way that will be familiar to long-term Macbook users.

It only works in one orientation though, so you do need to make sure that the red charging light comes on, to check that it’s charging properly.

The premium silicone material does mean that donning the Diamo can be a bit of a challenge – and they’re not kidding when they advise donning it before becoming aroused.

I generally found putting it on while standing was easiest, although even then, there’s a slight tendency to end up squishing your testicles at least once or twice during the procedure.

Lovense Diamo: Software

Full disclosure: I’m already familiar with the Lovense app and have used it with a long-distance partner before, so I wasn’t expecting any huge issues here.

It’s always relieving when connecting a new toy to an app is a relatively painless affair, and as the Diamo connects via Bluetooth alone, it’s a fair bit more user-friendly than toys that require your phone’s Wi-Fi connection in order to operate.

It also consistently avoided any teething problems that can sometimes be experienced with new toys – it never tried to connect to the wrong device, for example – and overall it feels like a pretty polished interface for the company’s toys. That said, there are one or two bugbears.

One was when trying to access the app in the heat of the moment, and having it flash up a prompt to verify my email address, though I was able to skip this notification and still use the app without issue.

The second is that it requests permission to keep running in the background. This grates a little for the more privacy conscious user, but not enabling it means you sometimes run the risk of the app disconnecting if you need to access something else on your phone.

Lovense Diamo: In Use

Couples Play

I’m fortunate enough to be living with one of my partners, and so able to gather their perspective on partnered use. The density of the ring means that it transmits vibrations well, but also that they can only really be felt when the ring is pressed up hard against someone.

The Diamo’s instruction manual also highlights that the ring can be worn in four different orientations (above or below the penis, and pointing forward or backwards). This means that there’s some versatility and you can try to maximize the potential contact between the protruding vibration module and your partner’s sensitive parts, depending on personal preference and what position you are in while penetrating a partner. The only drawback on wearability is that in the underslung positions, I found my balls tended to get in the way a little.

Another enjoyable aspect during partnered play with the Diamo was that I was able to hand my partner my phone and give them control over the toy, so they could tailor the vibrations to what worked best for them.

The Lovense app enables you to operate its toys at a distance, and, by “at a distance”, that means from anywhere in the world. The wearer needs their app connected, and to share permission to access it with another user, but the balance of usability versus security feels about right here.

The app also incorporates a chat function so you can send messages while playing remotely with a partner, although you could easily do the same via any other messaging app. For some, it might be more appropriate to keep all their sexy chat in one place though.

Overall, the nature of the toy means that it’s good for providing low or initial stages of arousal (making someone blush while out for a walk sounds like a lot of fun) but will probably need combination with hands or another toy (such as Lovense’s Max2 masturbator) to get ‘all the way there’.

Solo play

Solo use of the Diamo isn’t as strong as with a partner, as it tends to struggle a little with the same issue that afflicts pretty much every cock ring: by design, a cock ring sits at the opposite end of the penis to the most sensitive bits. That said, the Diamo’s vibrations are deep and rumbly in a way that resonates well and, certainly, for the early stages of arousal is a lot of fun.

Lovense Diamo: Rating


8.2Expert Score
A long-distance vibrating ring that mostly impressed

The Diamo is a well-realized version of what a cock ring can be that brings some interesting new features to the table. On the other hand, the elements that it struggles with are also strongly tied to the cock ring format, rather than the ring itself, which is why it scores a ‘6’ on that criteria in this review. 

Adding long-distance functionality is a particularly interesting capability given how many people are currently having to live apart from their partners, and the question of overall value is somewhat subjective. If it’s your only sex toy, and you live alone, it’s probably not the best route for you. 

If you have a partner in the house with you, or already have a few toys to play with, it’s a great addition that can bring a few new possibilities.

Ease of Use
  • Fully waterproof
  • High-quality hardware and software
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Variety of use scenarios
  • Needs a smartphone to get the best out of it
  • Fit may be snug for some people

Lovense Diamo

$99.00 $199.00

Lovense Diamo: Overall Rating and Review Score

Overall, masturbating with this is not noticeably better or worse but is certainly different and, frankly, Month 12 of lockdown feels like a time where change and novelty are incredibly welcome.

My partner also tried solo play using the Diamo as a conventional vibrator. Overall, it worked well (again the rumbly vibrations were noted), although the tendency of the silicone to transmit vibrations through the toy did make it a little difficult to hold. In its defence, it’s not designed for use as a solo clitoral vibe, but seems it could lend itself to that at a pinch.

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