Pink Punch Peachu review: A super-cute suction clit vibe that’s not entirely beyond criticism



Pink Punch Peachu review: A super-cute suction clit vibe that’s not entirely beyond criticism
Pink Punch Peachu review: A super-cute suction clit vibe that’s not entirely beyond criticism
Pink Punch Peachu review: A super-cute suction clit vibe that’s not entirely beyond criticism
Fun user experience
Long-distance app control

Following its debut food-themed sex tech device, the Sunset Mushroom, Pink Punch has launched the Peachu. Moving away from it’s fungi vibrator with a peach-shaped suction toy, both are equally fun and unique in product design and cyberpunk app experience.

While it may not necessarily be the norm to get off using fruit-shaped toys (aside from the Emojibator), suction toys are all the rage, and this is likely the first peach shaped suction toy that also offers remote play, a niche within a niche.

The Peachu costs $109 and is aimed at people “seeking a new type of pleasure.” With only a handful of remote clitoral suction toys on the market, including the Zalo Queen $149, We-Vibe Melt $149 , and Tracy’s Dog OG Pro2 $59.99, it sits on the midrange of pricing. However, the question remains: is this peach-shaped remote suction toy really worth it?


Pink Punch Peachu: Quick Rating

7.1Expert Score
Pink Punch delivers a mixed experience, with more ups than downs

While suction sex toys are all the rage, we haven’t seen many remote controlled suction peaches on the market – just yet… This $109 cyberpunk device is app compatible.

Ease of Use
  • Fun user experience
  • Long-distance app control
  • More vibration than suction
  • Too big for palm comfort
App, Built-in
App, Built-in
Fully Waterproof

Pink Punch Peachu design & functionalityA peach that doesn’t bruise

As aforementioned, the toy is a peach-shaped suction vibrator, it comes in a peachy color, has a D-shaped mouth for “nibbling” the clitoris, and comes with a fun see-through charging case.

The overall presentation of the package is quite special. A soft peach, white, and pink creates a gentle introduction to the brand. Plus you get a bunch of cute stickers (you can tell I’m definitely the target market). Inside the box you also receive a manual and info card recommending you down the compatible Pink Punch app.

It says the toy is coated with “food grade transparent silicone IPX7 waterproof level,” meaning it can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes. This allows it to be easily cleaned and also useful for people who want to enjoy Peachu in the bath or shower.

The magnetic charging on the bottom of the peach is designed to slot into the case with ease for when it needs to be charged. It recommends charging for two hours for it to operate at the full two hours of use. Just make sure the case is fully charged first. The case is also useful for avoiding dust and damage to the toy.

Weighing 164g, the Peachu is 73 x 73 x 76 mm in size without the case, and the case is 86 x 86 x 110 mm.

Using the button on the base of the peach, you can hold this to turn it on and flick through the settings. When manually operated, there are 5 suction intensities. It claims that the noise level is <50db on the highest setting.

To control remotely, you will need to download the Pink Punch app via the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, simply turn the Peachu and your Bluetooth settings on to sync up. You can control the toy up to 10 meters remotely, or have a partner connect long distance using the invitation code on the app.

Inside the app, which is also compatible with the brand’s other vibe, you have a whole cyber world to discover. Similar to the vibration settings for the Sunset Mushroom, there’s a variety of playful options to flick through including Peachu, Naughty Cat, F-Jelfish, and Mood Trip.

Swiping through the patterns and sliding up and down on the screen allows you to control the speed and style of the vibration.

Pink Punch Peachu solo useNot the sweetest of sensations

This peachy pleasure toy had me pretty intrigued from the moment I knew it was being launched. I enjoyed the experience of the brand’s previous mushroom toy, even if there were a few letdowns, namely the buzzyness and lag during the remote play.

However, I love the concept, the reimagining of sex tech that goes beyond what the majority of toys look like, with the added touches of playfulness.

For people seeking “new types of pleasure” however, I must admit that suction toys aren’t wholly new, but a peach-shaped remote suction toy, I felt this was something worth trying.

Manually, and with the peach turned on, I was able to flick through five vibration intensities. When I placed my skin over the mouth it felt rather more vibratory than suction-y, but I was willing to give it a chance.

Unfortunately, on first try, the Bluetooth didn’t connect, so I continued to enjoy the device without the app and found the experience rather average. The mouth didn’t quite hit the spot I wanted, and the vibration sensations were a little too intense and direct for my personal tastes. Not to mention, the size of the peach felt a little big for my hand, making maneuvering the device uncomfortable.

Despite the initial play being somewhat of a letdown (ending with a couple of weak orgasms), I persevered to try again. After reaching out to Pink Punch, I quickly realized that I simply needed to update the app in order to have a Bluetooth connection.

This time I had the genius idea of placing the toy inside my underwear holding it the mouth in place without me having to grip the sphere myself. What made this even more exciting was the fact that I could enjoy the Peachu in a variety of hands-free ways, one of which was moving my thighs to create a sensation of the toy teasing my clit as it rolled away and back again. As well as this I also enjoyed the Peachu standing up and moving around which felt exciting.

As aforementioned, the toy’s D-shaped mouth was less suction-y and more vibratory. As someone who enjoys less-direct stimulation like the squishy nozzle that the Womanizer offers, I struggled to find my ultimate pleasure spot. Nevertheless, as I explored the app’s various settings I began to vibe a little more with it.

I’m also someone who doesn’t necessarily care much for random vibration patterns and often find them a distraction, however, the main “Peachu” setting (displaying a peach graphic) was feeling quite boring compared to some of the more oscillating settings. Particularly the Jelfish (displaying a jellyfish graphic) which consisted of two short vibrations followed by a long one.

Before sticking with this one, I tested out the Naughty Cat (displaying a cat showing off its bum) and this one almost sounded like a song which was indeed too distracting. The Mood Trip (displaying a car driving down a highway) felt too random, but I didn’t hate this one while on a slow and low intensity.

I happily flicked back to my Jelfish, and played around with the intensity by swiping up and down. I explored this sitting down, standing up, and moving my thighs around, and found that my mind and body were much more on board this time. I felt more in control of the settings and what my body wanted from moment to moment.

Perhaps the app exploration was a perfect way to feel creative and curious about what pleasures I wanted in that moment as opposed to expecting the five manual vibrations to do it for me. In this case, more satisfying multiple orgasms ensued.

Setting up for the remote control scenario was even smoother than the first time, as we had already both gotten familiar with the app. So I asked for consent to control the device and we picked a time and a place. However, as most long-distance couples will understand, both being in the mood at the same time is sometimes harder to sync up than if you were in each other’s presence.

We connected to Bluetooth and my partner input the code and the sync was effective immediately. While the tech was in sync, my partner wasn’t really in the mood, so we agreed to play around with some of the settings before calling the remote part a day.

What I really liked about the app’s update compared to the Sunset Mushroom experience, was there was a new feature that allowed us to voice-call in-app and put each other on loudspeaker! Previously, our voices were too quiet and it became frustrating while trying to communicate and use the app at the same time.

Having flicked through a few settings, we found it pretty in sync and it seems the lag from the previous device has been resolved.

Overall, the user experience was an improvement and I would recommend this toy for long-distance use if you already enjoy the Peachu itself while soloing.

Pink Punch Peachu the verdictIs it worth buying, for real?

All in all, just like the other PinkPunch device, it has its ups and downs. While the shape wasn’t as dextrous as I’d anticipated, it could have been a bit smaller with more squish to it, and the buzzy mouth wasn’t ideal for my body’s needs, the interactive element was once again uniquely fun and made the experience feel playful and invited curiosity into the mix, which is something I rate when it comes to exploring new pleasures.

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