Womanizer OG review: Impressive G-spot tech that targets the internal and external clitoris



Womanizer OG review: Impressive G-spot tech that targets the internal and external clitoris
Womanizer OG review: Impressive G-spot tech that targets the internal and external clitoris
Womanizer OG review: Impressive G-spot tech that targets the internal and external clitoris
Wide mouth
Afterglow setting
Good at encouraging slow pleasure
Great for multiple orgasms

The latest toy to join my ever-growing sex toy collection is the Womanizer OG, also referred to as the Womanizer Original. Owned by WOW Tech, Womanizer is most prominently known for its ‘Pleasure Air Technology’ that offers a pulsing sucking sensation that mimics oral sex and is typically designed to target the clitoris with toys such as the Womanizer Premium, but this time, the Womanizer OG targets the G-spot too.

Having reviewed the Womanizer DUO back in 2019 that offers clit suction with G-spot vibration, I am fairly familiar with the “Pleasure Air Technology”. Since then, however, many other brands have brought out their own version of suction tech. Lora DiCarlo’s Baci, the Satisfyer, and Lelo’s Sila, to name a few. While these types of toys are all the range, the same tech hasn’t been designed for internal use before.

Womanizer rightly says that “G-spot pleasure is a marathon, not a sprint”, which is pithy marketing that doubles as a vital piece of education for people exploring their pleasure anatomy. In this case, I was especially keen to find out whether the suction hype translated from a clit to G-spot hit.

PSA: The G-spot, also known as the “G-area” or G-zone”, is made up of the internal parts of the clitoris as well as erectile tissue and the Skene’s glands. Meaning that stimulating this part can be super pleasurable for some bodies — but only once aroused and engorged with blood.


Womanizer OG: Quick Rating

9.1Expert Score
Great experience, provided you are willing to go slowly

The Womanizer OG is simultaneously a clitoral and a G-spot stimulator. Using the brand’s Pleasure Air Technology, it’s the first to bring the sensation internally retailing at $199.

Ease of Use
We like
  • Wide mouth
  • Afterglow setting
  • Good at encouraging slow pleasure
  • Great for multiple orgasms
We dislike
  • Buttons can be tricky to press
  • Can get buzzy on higher settings
  • Not good for people who like direct stimulation
Black, Purple
Splashproof / Water-resistant

Womanizer OG: Design and FeaturesWhy such a big mouth? Wider mouth for broader pleasure

The box is classic Womanizer. Purple and sleek in its design, offering a classy (if a bit outdated) vibe. In the unboxing, you find the toy itself, along with the magnetic charge, compliance and safety instructions, the manual, and a really nice quality travel/storage pouch, made out of what feels like linen with the words “Go. Love yourself.”—a nice touch in my opinion.

The Womanizer OG is made out of body-safe silicone, giving it that silky smooth feel. You can choose from a range of three colors, including lilac, aubergine, and dark gray. I received the aubergine (a nice addition to my purple-themed toy collection). I also like the subtle design feature of a purple plastic rim, giving it a high-quality finish.

The magnetic charging takes 100 minutes for a full juicing, allowing it to run for 120 minutes between charges. The entire device weighs 152 g, and is 176 mm long on its longest section.

womanizer og 5

The mouth of the toy that hosts the Pleasure Air Technology is wider compared to many other suction toys, offering more broad pleasure to the third of people with vulvas who prefer indirect stimulation.

The buttons include the on/off button; volume control for twelve levels of air stimulator intensity; a button for three vibration levels. There are additional settings that can be explored with these buttons, such as holding down the minus for one second which puts it into “Afterglow” mode. This basically means returning to a lower and slower setting for reduced intensity, perhaps after an orgasm if you plan to carry on playing.

Another feature is the Smart Silence Technology, which means that the OG only turns on when the mouth of the toy is touching your skin. This not only saves battery but saves you from turning it off and on to avoid noise traveling through your house when not in actual use.


The Womanizer OG ExperienceReady for the Afterglow?

What I really liked about this toy compared to other suction toys, was the wide mouth. I instantly knew that it would suit my needs of indirect clitoral stimulation.

This confidence set me up for a really pleasant experience, flicking through the settings to familiarize myself with available experiences. Initially, I wasn’t totally sure about the difference between the intensity settings, but soon discovered that it was vibration speed and air pressure flow speed.

Before diving right into genital play, I found the thrumming mouth really pleasurable to run over various body parts, my inner elbows, inner thighs, and nipples. Adding a small amount of lube made the nipple stimulation extra sensually arousing.

Clit Hit

Once the rest of my body was warmed up, I proceeded to add some lube to my clitoris and align the mouth over it, finding its broad stimulation perfect. I explored some of the various settings, finding the lowest vibration and lowest air pressure a great place to start and build my arousal. I found that the higher vibrations intensity settings did become a bit too buzzy for my liking on the clitoris.

Again, before diving right into the internal experience, as Womanizer says “G-spot pleasure is a marathon, not a sprint”, so I built up the external pleasure. I really appreciated this encouraging process of slowing down the experience.

womanizer og review

Focusing on the clitoris without letting myself reach orgasm too quickly felt good, whereas some vibrators I feel are designed to just get you to the point of climax with ease. But from experience, I’ve found the longer and slower you build up to orgasm, the longer and more powerful the orgasm can be.

G-Spot Hit

So after some teasing and building of pleasure, increasing the settings a fraction, I began to work the tip into my already lubricated vagina noticing that I would need to increase the intensity a bit more for the internal sensations to be fully appreciated.

One thing worth noting is that the buttons are not easy to press generally, let alone while you’re in the middle of playing (while lubed up, no less). Ultimately, it did mean I was less likely to switch modes regularly while in-use.

Once inside, I could feel the air pressure on my G-spot. It was a welcomed sensation compared to other toys that directly target the G-spot. This is likely because this area can be incredibly sensitive especially if not fully aroused and engorged.

The wide mouth thrumming and additional vibrations felt good. The shape of the toy, having a slight curve and softly bendable edge meant it was simple to hold and manoeuvre. Using the handle to thrust was most enjoyable, in my testing.

womanizer og 2

What I loved the most though, was switching back and forth between G-spot stimulation and taking it out for external stimulation on my clit. This felt like a really fun game of edging and building, seeing how long I could go for.

Whereas, with the Womanizer DUO, that had simultaneous clit suction and G-spot vibration where I felt the orgasm was being literally pulled from my body, this felt much more playful and intuitive.

In the multiple times I have used this toy, I have experienced multiple orgasms. Whether it’s to do with the encouraged slow pace of the toy, the stimulation of both clit and G-spot, or the Afterglow setting which I would immediately press after the first orgasm to allow for my body to recuperate for another round.

I also found that the Smart Silence Technology was very beneficial for reducing noise pollution when going between my clit and G-spot. Plus the mouth was much more silent than my experience with the DUO that had a nozzle, which when lubricated created loud slurping noises.

Cleaning on the other hand requires a little more attention than your average sex toy due to the shape and depth of the mouth. Any sex toy with crevices, be extra careful to clean as there can be a risk of bacteria buildup. I’d recommend investing in a good toy cleaner, and as it suggests in the manual, using a wipe to get any residue out of the hole.


Womanizer OG: Is it worth buying?Slower pleasure for all

This toy really did tick all of my boxes, as its features were appropriate for my needs and my bodily desires. Of course, no two people are the same, and this toy would likely not suit someone who prefers more precise and direct stimulation on the clitoris and G-spot. Not to mention the inaccessible buttons for anyone who may have issues with hand dexterity.

Nevertheless, I would encourage anyone who is looking for a toy that encourages them to practice slower pleasure to really consider the Womanizer OG.

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Oli Lipski

Oli Lipski

Oli is a freelance sex tech researcher based in London. With an MA in Sexual Dissidence, researching sex tech, and a BA in History, researching gender and sexuality, she has a keen understanding of the past, present and future of sex.

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    Camilla Ahluwalia May 6, 2023 at 11:35 pm
    Ease of Use

    Very disappointing experience. Bought on the basis that the Womanizer Premium is my favourite toy ever and the OG promised something really different. I found the effect internally virtually undetectable other than the physical shaft being in me and when used externally the airpulse is feable compared to the Premium. So basically its a not very good dildo with sound effects!. The further bad news is that the thing is not as smooth as a good dildo. So one to avoid.

    + PROS: Looks nice
    - CONS: Not effective or pleasurable, rough, expensive, buttons hard to press.
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