Sohimi Hurricane review: A stroker that doesn’t realize its own strength


$53.99 $130

Sohimi Hurricane review: A stroker that doesn’t realize its own strength
Sohimi Hurricane review: A stroker that doesn’t realize its own strength
Sohimi Hurricane review: A stroker that doesn’t realize its own strength
$53.99 $130
Solid design and build
Strong sensations
Easy to clean
Focuses on the head of the penis

Sex toy manufacturer Sohimi has been in business for the better part of two decades and offers a variety of sex toys for a range of body types. Included among these is a series of penis masturbatory toys, including the company’s latest offering, the Hurricane.

Retailing at $130.99 (use code ‘SEXTECHGUIDE’ for 20% off at any time, including during sales) the Sohimi Hurricane lacks many of the more advanced features seen in other toys in this price bracket such as the Lovense Calor. In particular the Hurricane is an entirely manual affair with no Bluetooth connectivity for remote operation or synchronizing with porn sites’ content.

Conceptually it has more in common with thrusting masturbators like the (now-retired) nearly $300 Fleshlight Launch but at a fraction of the cost. That said, the difference in engineering and fine-control over the user experience is clearly on show.



Sohimi Hurricane First ImpressionsDick in a blender vibes

The Hurricane arrives in some of the most discreet packaging I’ve ever encountered—a glossy plain black box completely without markings. Inside is the toy itself. The end is covered with a cap that needs to be taken off before use and replaced with a soft ring attachment that’s presumably stored separately when not in use.

The box also contains a suction mount enabling users to attach the toy to smooth surfaces such as tiled bathroom walls. The latter attachment may be welcome for some because the overall girth of this toy may give some users a challenge in holding it comfortably. Two-handed gripping is possible but, then again, users may prefer to keep a hand free.

The overall build quality feels solid if a little plastic-y. One slight downside was that the rotating/thrusting inner sleeve on my unit felt a little sticky to the touch. The company describes this material as “Safe TPE” so is presumably free of nasty chemicals like phthalates—that can be harmful to your health—but still an instinctive hesitation for those of us who’ve encountered one too many jelly toys in our time.

Sohimi highlights that the toy is relatively quiet (less than 50dB). My overall impression was that it was probably no louder than most sex toys I’ve encountered, although the rhythmic sounds it makes with the combined rotation and thrusting motion may be more or less attention-grabbing.

It offers 218 RPM (rotations per minute) and when you first turn it on, the Hurricane does give off pretty strong ‘putting your dick in a blender’ vibes.

As an aside, I was kind of tickled that the background photos on the Sohmi web page for the Hurricane weren’t all men. Although, whether this is because of efforts towards greater gender inclusivity by the manufacturer, or whether that’s just their stock backgrounds, or “selling the sexual experience” is still unclear.


Design & FunctionalityImpressive run time

With the cap in place the toy is pretty self-contained and I wouldn’t hesitate to put it into a suitcase or rucksack as is. The soft donut-style cap for normal use is a little trickier and deserves its own lint-free bag or similar if you’re going to be traveling with it. The built-in battery is charged via an included USB cable.

Sohimi claims it lasts 100 minutes, and though I can’t speak to precisely how long it lasts, a single charge has been sufficient for various test runs and could probably see you through at least a long weekend holiday, which is impressive given how much mechanical work it performs.

The controls are simple enough, a power button, and a plus and a minus button. Although (as described below) the “volume” buttons scroll through different settings, they aren’t really adjustments of intensity, the way you might expect from a vibrator.

It has a 280 degrees adjustable suction base for multi-faceted use and its insertable length is 12.2 centimeters or 4.8-inches.

In terms of cleaning, the “business” end of the Hurricane comes apart relatively straightforwardly and is easy to fully remove the inner sleeve and even pop it inside out for cleaning. Getting it back in place right can be a little tricky (I found the slight stickiness of the sleeve material got in the way) but this was only a very mild frustration.


Special FeaturesTip of the pleasure-berg

A big plus for the Hurricane compared with some masturbator toys I’ve tried is that its creators have clearly focused their attention on the head of the penis. This is where a lot of penises are most sensitive and will likely have a far better experience than with toys like vibrating cock rings (at least for solo play).

The Hurricane has seven different thrusting and rotation modes, which may sound impressive, however, these are all combinations of a basic thrusting and rotating motion with the variation being different combinations of pauses and direction changes.

While these can be fun to play around with—especially if you’re not super sure which setting you’re on and therefore unsure what to expect—what I found frustrating was that this also means that there’s not really any slow or gentle options; every setting is effectively full speed full thrust.

Even though this can offer a pleasant and powerful amount of stimulation, it risks becoming more of a numbing sensation after a while. It also means that you may want to make sure you’re very aroused and firm before starting.

You’ll also want to be ready to switch it off (not down) when finished because the motion can quickly tip over from pleasant into “post-orgasm torture” territory.


The Sohimi Hurricane ExperienceCompelling solo fun

The challenge most toys for people with penises face is having to prevent a compelling improvement in either ease, efficacy or novelty than a user’s own hand(s). In this regard the Hurricane does pretty well.

Both the mechanical movement and the variety of pause/direction change options add a layer of detachment between the user’s hands and the physical sensation. This may be frustrating for some but for others this distancing makes it feel more like a partnered experience than, say, a non-motorized masturbation sleeve (although you can always hold the toy and manually thrust too).

It should hopefully go without saying that you need to use lubricant with this toy. I generally lubricated the sleeve rather than myself and found this was pretty comfortable and also seemed to minimize cleanup.

Ironically this also means that it’s probably less well suited to partnered play than many other toys. The Hurricane’s settings do not really lend a partner much in the way of fine control over your experience.


Hurricane by Name, Hurricane by NatureIs it worth buying the Sohimi Hurricane

I’ve been dancing around it all review but the word that most springs to mind with the Hurricane is aggressive. This is a toy that focuses on strong powerful sensations from the get-go, and that’s no bad thing for users who need or want it.

However, what it provides in terms of power and sensation it does so at the expense of variety and subtlety. More so than with most sex toys, I’d say your mileage may vary.

Sohimi Hurricane: Rating

7.5Expert Score
Stronger than you might think, or want

This $130 Hurricane by Sohimi penis masturbator does the job but has a little more power over subtlety for my taste. A couple of quirks make it a little awkward to store, however the buttons are easy to use and there’s a range of settings – if a little limited in comparison to alternatives. Ultimately, you could get a non-motorized Fleshlight for similar money, although ironically that may give you more potential sensation variety than the Hurricane. Ultimately personal taste trumps price at this point. It is nice to have replaceable inner sleeves priced at only around $15 though.

Ease of Use
  • Solid design and build
  • Strong sensations
  • Easy to clean
  • Focuses on the head of the penis
  • No softer and gentler settings
  • Texture/touch of the TPE sleeve wasn’t ideal in the review unit
  • Need to store the cap separately from what’s otherwise a self-contained unit
Turquoise, Translucent
Manual Only
Manual Only

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