MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 review: a flexible toy for couples that really does hit the mark


$212.00 $249.00

MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 review: a flexible toy for couples that really does hit the mark
MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 review: a flexible toy for couples that really does hit the mark
MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 review: a flexible toy for couples that really does hit the mark
$212.00 $249.00
It has strong vibrations
It's an easy ergonomic fit
It has optional app-based controls and features
It's well-designed

For couples that want to bring toys into the bedroom, vibrating rings have been a popular choice for decades, promising increased sensitivity, hardness and stamina for erections while adding additional sensation.

Connected sex toy stalwarts and creators of the bendable Crescendo and miniature Poco, MysteryVibe has now released the Tenuto 2, which costs $249/£229 and is designed to increase pleasure for both partners while helping to fight some of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Of course, this toy isn’t just for those suffering from ED, and can be enjoyed just as much as part of a regular and active sex life. This second-generation model in the Tenuto range includes more powerful motors (four of them), increased flexibility and a sleeker and more ergonomic design compared to its six-motor predecessor.



Design & Functionality

A clever and appealing structure

It certainly looks the part; the Tenuto 2’s navy blue colour scheme is classy and understated, the silicon coating (body-safe, obvz) feels smooth and high-quality to the touch, and while it’s unmistakably a sex toy, it’s not intimidating in the least, with a smooth and appealingly curvy construction that molds nicely to the contours of the body.

It flows from the main ring, down and back into a longer, thicker section (measuring just over 5-inches, with a maximum thickness of 1.5-inches) that sits against the perineum to provide external prostate stimulation. This is also where the four physical control buttons for changing vibration pattern and intensity are located.

mysteryvibe tenuto 2

MysteryVibe claims it offers two hours of use on a full charge, and in our testing, it managed to last for multiple extended sessions. The micro-USB charging port at the base is easy to access, with no fiddly flaps to worry about, and it’s water-resistant for easier cleaning. We can attest that it survived both cleaning under the tap and a solo session in the shower – although we wouldn’t recommend fully submerging it.

The Tenuto’s structure is clever; rather than encircling the penis with a solid ring, it features two protruding wings which support the base of the penis and separate it from the testicles, constricting blood flow to produce the desired hardening effects without completely enclosing the shaft. This also makes it much more comfortable to put on, as the wings can be spread apart to easily accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes.

Beneath the wings is a second aperture, which is designed for the testicles to be passed through. This was a little more problematic, and we found it required a process of carefully feeding them through the hole and adjusting them, which can be a little bit of a pace-killer.

mysteryvibe tenuto 2 9 sextechguide

We also felt the need to frequently re-adjust them, but a generous quantity of lube helps keep things comfortable. Alternatively, you can simply rest the testicles on the base of the toy without passing them through the portal.

As mentioned, the Tenuto 2 includes four motors: one at the top of the ring to provide clitoral stimulation for partners with vulvas, one in each of the wings, and one in the main base of the toy. These are surprisingly powerful with 16 levels of intensity, and the maximum vibration can get quite loud, although the lower settings are discreet enough that you won’t disturb the neighbors while using it.

MysteryVibe Tenuto vs Tenuto 2What changed?

mysteryvibe tenuto 1 original
tenuto 2 trans
Water ResistantFor Shower Fun
Battery LifeFrom a full charge
USB ChargingCable included
App ControlDownload or create patterns and more
MotorsIndependent motors

The MysteryVibe App

Visualizing the Tenuto 2’s pleasure inputs

These vibrations can be manually controlled via the onboard buttons, which are easy to use in the heat of the moment, and tactile enough to distinguish by touch, but it’s also controllable through the downloadable MysteryVibe app, available for Android and iOS.

The app itself looks attractive and professional, although it’s somewhat confusing to navigate at first. We found it difficult to identify and locate many of the functions it offers, so more education might be needed here.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the layout, however, there are a range of in-depth functions to explore. The most essential is the ‘vibe store’. The Tenuto’s four motors can all be individually programmed with different vibration patterns and intensities, and the vibe store allows you to download a range of pre-set configurations with fun names like ‘rising tide’ and ‘power edges’.

One feature we particularly like is that the app includes graphical representations of what each motor is doing – sort of like a sexy equivalent of WinAmp visualizations.

MysteryVibe Crescendo App update

The Tenuto 2 can be loaded with twelve of these patterns at a time, which can be swapped through either in the app or with the physical buttons. This is a nice balance, and allows for a certain amount of variety, but means you won’t have to break the flow of a session by cycling through endless variations to find the pattern you’re looking for.

Another thoughtful feature is the ability to create your own custom patterns, switching between vibration modes, strengths and motor patterns. Again, this takes a little trial and error to get to grips with, but gives you maximum flexibility to customize the Tenuto 2’s operation to your specific preferences.


Tenuto 2 in Action

An enjoyable constriction

In practice, the Tenuto is straightforward enough to wear and use, even with a condom. The shape initially took some getting used to – we found that a little experimentation was needed before we found the positions that worked well for both us and our partner, but it’s versatile enough that you’re not restricted to basic missionary or cowgirl poses.

One configuration that worked particularly well was mounting the Tenuto in reverse, with the prostate massager running perpendicular to the penis, and doing doggy style with the main motor stimulating my partner’s clitoris.

We found the toy stayed in place well without having to hold it, and delivered a strong level of stimulation for both of us in most positions. The level of constriction on the penis was also pleasant without being too tight; in some cases, we did find sensation to be somewhat dulled, but this is less of an issue with the Tenuto 2 and more a quirk that we’ve experienced with similar accessories.

mysteryvibe tenuto 2 11 sextechguide

Overall, the Tenuto 2 added an enjoyable extra dimension to our play sessions, with the prostate stimulation being a particular highlight. We’re skeptical about the company’s claims that it could be used as a standalone clitoral or nipple vibrator, though – the vibrations are certainly powerful enough, but there are purpose-built toys which will do the job better.

In some ways, switching between modes and intensities mid-session is easier in the app than by using the buttons, but it does mean fumbling for your phone, unlocking it and opening the app, which can be a bit of a pace killer. Thankfully, the control buttons are easy to use to modify vibrations in the heat of the moment, and tactile enough to distinguish by touch.

The app also doesn’t auto-connect to the Tenuto 2, even if it’s on and has been previously paired; it requires a manual connection each time, which doesn’t take long, but is a little frustrating.

There are advantages of using the app however, such as the ability to manually boost specific motors with the touch of a button. This can be a fun way to spice up a session, although it’s a shame you can’t trigger all of them at once. The app-based controls work better in a voyeuristic context, giving your partner control over the vibrations while you pleasure yourself, but a lack of remote connection limits its feasibility for long-distance play. Devices like the OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex 3 will be better for geographically separated couples.


The Verdict

Is it worth the cost?

With the Tenuto 2, MysteryVibe has crafted an attractive and effective couples sex toy which adds an appealing level of variety without feeling like too much of a hassle to use in the middle of a heated session.

There is a bit of a learning curve in order to truly master the device, but that’s only because the level of customization is so high, and if you want a ‘pick up and play’ couples toy, then you don’t need to worry about the app at all.

One fairly significant sticking point is the price; at the best part of $250/£250, it’s one of the more expensive toys of its type, and is more than double the price of the Nex 3. If you’ve got the cash, though, it’s a worthy investment.

The build quality, ergonomic design and strong vibrations earn it top marks, and the app-based controls and vibe store means the company can issue future feature updates to expand its already impressive flexibility. The solid construction also means we’re confident it’ll keep up with consistent, regular use – and with performance like this, that’s something we’re definitely planning to take advantage of in the future.

MysteryVibe Tenuto 2
$212.00 $249.00
MysteryVibe Tenuto 2 review: a flexible toy for couples that really does hit the mark
$249 RRP correct at time of review.
7.1Expert Score
An expensive couples ring that benefits everyone

This adjustable and ergonomic cock ring is great for anyone who’s keen to explore more vibration sensation especially during penetrative sex. With four strong vibrating motors cleverly placed to stimulate the underside of the penis, the perineum, and a partner’s clitoris. It costs £229 at the time of review, which is really what brings its overall score down.

Ease of Use
We like that…
  • It has strong vibrations
  • It's an easy ergonomic fit
  • It has optional app-based controls and features
  • It's well-designed
We don't really like…
  • The $220+ price tag
  • That using the app can be unintuitive

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