VibePad 2 review: an innovative licking and grinding toy with room for improvement


$159 $169

VibePad 2 review: an innovative licking and grinding toy with room for improvement
VibePad 2 review: an innovative licking and grinding toy with room for improvement
VibePad 2 review: an innovative licking and grinding toy with room for improvement
$159 $169
Little to no movement is required for stimulation when seated upright
A nice alternative to a traditional vibrator
Remote-controlled and multi-function
Vibration sound is mostly muffled when mounted
Compatible with all anatomies
Easy to clean

In 1998 I purchased my first ‘proper’ sex toy. It was a cheetah-print ABS plastic vibrator from California Exotic Novelties. At the time, silicone sex toys were practically non-existent, with options limited to jelly materials and hard plastics.

Prior to that, I discovered the path to self-pleasure with limited resources, like many other folks. I started ‘acoustic’, using my fingers and eventually graduated to unofficial pleasure accessories like undercover household objects, including a shower head on the high-pressure setting, and thick pillows to grind and squeeze between my legs.

I will always enjoy the underrated act of grinding on things that apply pressure and different sensations to my vulva, and because of that, I am always excited to see new grinding sex toys such as the Orion VibePad 1 and 2 emerge.

Both VibePad sex toys appeared to be the sleekest saddle-style vibrators on the market. Before this VibePad 2 toy, I experimented with two “official” grinding toys. The first was the original Rocks Off Ruby Glow seated vibrator in 2015 (predecessor to the recent Ruby Glow Blush) – which left a lot to be desired.

Did you miss these?

The second was the handheld Whim set by Pelle – supple and squishy non-vibrating discs. Not quite up my alley, but I appreciate where this style of product design is headed.

Will the $169 VibePad 2 do any better? It’s worth noting that if you’re reading this in the UK, the VibePad 2 currently retails for a not-inconsiderable £250-£290.


VibePad 2: Rating & Overview

6.8Expert Score
Innovative and novel, but not perfect

A saddle-style/seated vibrator with a flowing shape that adapts to all anatomies, supporting stimulation of the vulva, clitoris, testicles, perineum, and anus. It features two motors, warming and licking functions, but could still be improved in a few different ways.

Ease of use
  • Little to no movement is required for stimulation when seated upright
  • A nice alternative to a traditional vibrator
  • Remote-controlled and multi-function
  • Vibration sound is mostly muffled when mounted
  • Compatible with all anatomies
  • Easy to clean
  • Not ideal for soft mattresses
  • Tongue flicking doesn’t extend far out
  • The top wave is most effective when pressing down hard
  • Waves too narrow for broad stimulation
  • Attracts lint – keep the box for storage
COLOR(S):   Purple
CONTROL(S):   Wireless Remote, Built-in
Fully Waterproof

VibePad 2 Design

A functional learning curve

The VibePad2 is packaged in a slim black box with product instructions on the inside panel. The box contains a USB charging cord, a compact, wireless remote control, and a user manual. The remote control and pad share a USB charger, so no need for batteries. This was convenient because I didn’t have any batteries around, but am still undecided about having two separate components to charge as opposed to one. The vibrator charging dilemma is a never-ending saga, you know?

Picking up the VibePad2 for the first time, the plum-hued silicone was velvety soft, just as the manufacturer advertised. The sides of the seated grinding vibe are slender and flexible. In the middle of the pad are two bumps (“waves”), each with a firm core, spaced about 4 inches apart. The top wave has a small center hole with a silicone “tongue”, designed to emulate rapid flicking sensations. It measures a little longer than a fingernail.

Both the pad and remote came charged out of the box, but I charged the pad and remote control for two hours each to ensure no power glitches or mishaps during use. Learning the remote control functions took a minute – kind of like trying to remember various codes for video games back in the day. The remote control operates the vibration, tongue flicking, and heating features. The power button is located on the bottom of the pad, and a blue dot flashes on the top wave to indicate standby mode. There are three icons on the remote: the top button powers the vibration settings in both waves simultaneously. The middle button controls the seven tongue flicking modes, and the bottom button controls the On/Off heating function in the back wave.

The lightweight remote control is operable from 10 meters / 32.8 feet away. I didn’t find this to be a unique selling point as I don’t intend to have someone else operate the VibePad when I use it. But having a remote control for this product is a must, as fumbling with buttons on a product that you sit on – while trying to reach orgasm – is a huge buzzkill!

How is VibePad 2 different from the original version? Both versions have quite a few similarities, including size – no changes at all there. VibePad 1 and 2 similar specs include:

7 vibration modes
8.15-inches wide
11.4-inches total length
Wave 1: 1.65-inches high
Wave 2: 1.15″ high

Both versions have seven vibration modes and separate motors located in each “wave”.
The two main differences between the VibePad 2 and its predecessor are:

there is now a tongue flicker, located on the top ‘wave’ of the V2, and
the heating feature in the VibePad 2, which reaches a max temperature of 55°C / 131°F.

The VibePad 2 Experience

A sexual experience or pilates class?

As far as the vibration volume at full power, it was hardly audible if you’re sitting on the VibePad with a soft mattress underneath because it will absorb much of the sound. However, when placed on a firm surface, the motor is quite loud. The tongue flicker is near silent, however.

Finding the right surface for this was a multi-day event. The short (and long) versions of that experience are below.

Ideal surfaces:
  • Hard and flat, like the side of the bathtub or a wooden chair
  • Stationary objects and surfaces
  • Corner of a side table
Surfaces to avoid:
Soft mattresses
Couch cushions
Wheely chairs
The shower/bathtub surface for long periods of time, depending on your stamina

Location 1, day 1

I first tried the VibePad 2 on my bed during solo play. A word of caution for those with pillow-top mattresses: unfortunately, the soft mattress made it difficult to achieve my desired level of pressure, because the VibePad was pushed down into the mattress no matter what rhythms my body was moving. Personally, I need space to stretch my legs because staying in one position on the knees and hips is tiresome after a while. Another heads-up: stretch your legs and hips prior to use!

The most satisfying position for me while on the bed was in the complete opposite position as intended for this vibrator. After about 20 minutes of wiggling and re-adjusting while sitting on the VibePad 2 (and no orgasm), I decided to lay on my back, flip the VibePad on top of my vulva, and hold the sides to maneuver both waves exactly how and where I wanted them. A two-handed approach eliminated the ability to hold the remote control, but I was ready to finish. I have a bigger body, and this was the most accessible route to O for me.

I incorporated a G-spot dildo to speed up the process, with the VibePad 2 on top, moving up and down. I can only imagine what that looked like from a satellite view. Most likely the face of a maniacal race car driver, frantically steering a wheel between two legs, racing to reach climax. Even with the VibePad 2 turned upside down, I struggled to achieve orgasm as the vibro-tongue really needed to remain stationary for me, despite the pad’s rumbly vibes and rapid flicking motions.

Location 2, day 2

I placed the VP in the bathtub with the shower running above, which was the most difficult location due to space limitations. My legs were not happy being restricted, and the hard bathtub surface was not sexy whatsoever. The VibePad 2 does not have any sort of suction on the base, so it can slide around quite a bit underneath if, once again, it isn’t kept stationary. Next!

Locations 3 and 4, day 3

first stop was the living room on the arm of the couch (too low), followed by the top of an end table (too low, and too wide but very close when you sit on the corner edge of the table). Moving on!

Location 5, day 4

on top of a dining room chair with a long flat seat, facing the back of the chair with my hands holding the sides for stability. Like the other locations, this took some fidgeting to maintain stimulation in addition to upper and lower body strength (moving the body up and down). I am so curious to know how many calories I burned while using this toy. Depending on where you’re using it, the VibePad 2 is practically a full-body Pilates workout, especially if you want to lift yourself up and down. For that reason, I may continue to use this sex toy regularly because I am more or less allergic to routine cardio and exercise.

As for the VibePad 2’s primary selling point – the tongue flicker – it only slightly protrudes from the wave, so it didn’t deliver the intensity that I had hoped. It was more or less obsolete with vibration happening at the same time. This clit of steel needs about 50% more OOMPH! The vibrating motors on the VibePad 2 deliver about 7.5/10 in power.

At 131°F, the highest heat setting is not as hot as it may sound. When fully heated, it feels like the silicone has retained heat from hot water, but it does not feel uncomfortable. Noticeable? Yes. I personally preferred the heat off. Using a light barrier like underwear might be a good buffer between the heat and bare skin as well.

VibePad 2: Is it worth buying?

A counterintuitive grinding toy

As much as I don’t want to say it, the VibePad 2 fell a little flat for me. However, this will not deter me from checking out the VibePad 3, should that ever arrive

Despite using the VibePad in multiple locations, my approaching orgasms nearly escaped every time I migrated the glans of my clitoris away from the top wave. Perhaps you have experienced this with a clit sucking sex toy: they are basically designed to hang out in the same spot, with minimal wandering, in order to work their magic. This was true with the VibePad 2 and my anatomy, which seems counterintuitive for a sex toy that is designed for gliding, grinding, and enjoying a hands-free range of movement.

My personal experience may have been due to the fact that shallow external stimulation doesn’t really do much for my clit.

When I use a grinding toy, I want to grind the sh*t out of it because it’s rocking my world; not because it takes a lot of effort to feel it beneath me!

This is not to say that the VibePad 2 requires a ton of body movement. It really comes down to your pleasure preferences. For those with physical mobility limitations, especially in the lower body, the VibePad 2 can be stimulating with minimal gyrating when atop a sturdy chair. You can absolutely sit on it and enjoy a hands-free experience once you find your preferred setting using the remote control.

Features I’d love on a VibePad 3:

  • Ability to secure the pad to any surface with either suction, magnets, straps, or some other seamless, non-clunky mechanism. Perhaps a thigh harness design would be the best place to start.
  • Taller, wider waves
  • Wider tongue flicker extending further out from the pad’s surface
  • Unique, multi-textured design
  • Waves that are closer together
  • A slot for a penetrative toy to stand firmly in the base. An alternative to that would be a wide, flat surface in-between both waves compatible with suction cup dildos.

The good news is that the grinding sex toy category has a lot of room to evolve; this is just the beginning! Orion has positioned itself (pun intended) to lead the category as long as future products are mindful of practical functionality, accessibility, and competitive technology.

While this product did not hit the spot for me, I still encourage others to give it a try, especially the grinding fiends out there. I look forward to future iterations of this promising pleasure pad—and regardless of the less good bits, it sure beats a pillow.

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