Huggable Bump’n Joystick is a gender-neutral ‘disability-driven sex toy’

Gender neutral Bumpn Joystick disability sex toy

The Bump’n Joystick, a one metre-long huggable device with an adaptor to attach sex toys to, is launching in 2022, billed as the world’s “first disability-driven sex toy”.

Made by Australian startup company Bump’n, the device has a soft huggable section above an adaptor, that sex toys such as vibrators or penis sleeves can be attached to, thereby reducing reliance on the use of hands for sex toy use.

“Hands are the biggest barrier to sex toys on the market and to an unaided wank. So, we’ve removed the reliance on fine motor skills and hands, transferring it to gross motor skills and larger muscle groups,” the company says.

The Bump’n Joystick is billed as gender-fluid, with the adaptor section having a variety of holes that vibrators, dildos, penis sleeves and wands can be attached to.

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Bump’n Joystick promotional materials

You can pre-order the device, which usually retails at $249 (but was being sold in November 2021 for $211.65), at the Bump’n website. Orders are expected to be shipped from May 2022.

Bump’n was created by disability consultant and activist Andrew Gurza plus strategist Heather Morrison, and was originally named Handi. Earlier in 2021 the company was forced to change its name to Bump’n after Norwegian sex toy company SweetTech AS, which owns the trademark for a sex toy called The Handy, insisted that the Australian startup re-named itself.

“The name Handi meant so much more to us than a shorthand to hand job. It positively re-appropriated Handicapped, had deep meaning for us and the disabled community, and brought the fun and play that sex + disability deserves” Morrison says.

While Bump’n bosses claim that the firm will be the first company to release a ‘disability-driven’ sex toy, others are working on products aimed at the same market.

The startup TouchBot is currently fielding input from potential product users about what they want from sextech devices designed for people with specific accessibility needs. You can sign up to fill in a questionnaire on the company’s site, if you want to have input on the product.

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