Lora DiCarlo Baci review: Compact clitoral airflow tech that serves up a suction storm


$145.00 $160.00

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Lora DiCarlo Baci review: Compact clitoral airflow tech that serves up a suction storm
Lora DiCarlo Baci review: Compact clitoral airflow tech that serves up a suction storm
$145.00 $160.00
Light and compact for accessible use
Good clitoral suction and thrumming
Can be used hands-free

As the third Lora DiCarlo product to be released, Baci serves up a clitoral storm. Available to buy from today (July 17), Baci translates to “kiss” in Italian, and simulates “the feeling of a mouth, lips, and tongue over the clitoris”. Or at least, that’s the theory.

Using “biomimicry” technology, similar to that of the original Osé – minus the internal robotic finger – this device sits comfortably on the luxury end of “air-flow” (clitoral suction) technology.

While the Satisfyer offers much cheaper versions of similar tech, competitor Womanizer sells products for a similar price. At $160, Baci is a compact suction toy that serves up its own version of clitoral stimulation. Subtly unique in its design, its functionality has both predecessors and competitors to outperform.


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Lora DiCarlo Baci: Rating

7.8Expert Score
Effectively mimics the feeling of mouth, lips and tongue on clitoris

The Lora DiCarlo Baci is designed to mimic the feeling of a mouth, lips, and tongue over the clitoris, using microrobotics and airflow technology and rhythmic thrumming against the full body of the clitoris.

While it’s highly effective, it provides a similar sensation to other ‘suction’ toys, and in some cases costs more. 

Nonetheless, for experience alone, it’s hard to fault the Lora DiCarlo Baci, even if it is at the pricier end of the scale.

Ease of Use
We Like
  • Light and compact for accessible use
  • Good clitoral suction and thrumming
  • Can be used hands-free
We Dislike
  • Becomes too buzzy on high setting
  • Can feel too intense
Fully Waterproof

Lora DiCarlo Baci Review: Design & Hardware

Baci comes in white and and bright yellow sleek packaging. Inside the box, along with the product, you get a yellow silky pouch for storage, a magnetic USB charger and a small instruction manual. I emphasise small, because the Osé manual was much larger due to the complexity of the finger-tech. This instantly implies a simplicity in this design by default.

Even though the manual may be small, it had a very useful diagram inside, not just of its features and tips, but of informative information about the clitoris and “finding your perfect fit” with the device.

The toy comes in a soft pink, which I prefer to the Osé’s off-white, but they sit together well as collection, particularly with the Onda’s sage color.

It is oval in shape, and looks practically identical to the suction head on the Osé. However, Baci is much smaller and lighter – weighing just 177g compared to the Osé’s 233g (including the arm). Its size and weight mean that it fits neatly into the palm of your hand, making it much more accessible, as it easy to hold and move around on the body.

The base is made from ABS body-safe plastic and the surface is silicone – velvety soft to the touch. As it is silicone-based, it is not compatible with silicone-based lubricants and using them together can cause damage to your toy.

Luckily, the Baci comes with a plastic translucent case to protect it from damage and dust – particularly getting into the hole.

The materials and the magnetic charging make Baci waterproof, so it is easy to clean (with soap and warm water or a sex toy cleaner), and can also be enjoyed in the bath or shower.

It is recommended that you charge Baci for at least one hour before the first use using the magnetic charging lead into a safe power source.

Lora DiCarlo Baci Review: Features and Functions

The buttons work similar to the previous products. To turn it on you hold down the main large LDC button on the front of the toy until the light shines (you can also check how much charge is left by looking at this light). On the base, there is simply one button with a volume distinction to increase or decrease the intensity. Much simpler than the multiple buttons for the various patterns and intensities that came with the Onda and Osé’s finger-tech.

The design is distinct from other airflow clit devices because of its shape. Instead of simply a nozzle that sucks on the clitoral glans, there are two parts. A wide Clitoral Mouth to cup the external clitoris and pulse air, and a Clitoral Stimulator, which is the surface around the mouth designed to “thrum” the inner and outer labia in order to stimulate parts of the internal clitoris.

Experience In Use

As I was familiar with the technology, the product was fairly easy to use. In fact, using the Baci was a bit of a relief following the frustrating learning curve I had with the Ose (as you can read in my previous review). Nevertheless, the orgasmic outcome was not as, let’s say, full-bodied. That’s not to say this toy underperforms, but it highlights the nature of the toy providing a completely different sexual experience.

While the Osé supports blended-orgasms and the Onda for G-spot orgasms, the Baci is designed for inducing clitoral orgasms.

What I did notice was that the lowest two settings were powerful enough for my body. Exploring the 10 intensity settings, I found that anything higher than the fifth was too buzzy – becoming a vibrating more than a sucking or thrumming experience. However, the noise of the mouth was not an issue, at least not as much as the Osé and Onda’s noisy robotic finger.

The size and shape of Baci is efficiently light and fits snug into the palm of your hand. It is even easy to enjoy handsfree. I just placed the mouth over the clitoris and held it in place with my thighs.

As the device’s material are silicone-based, it is essential to not use silicone-based lubricant! I used water-based lube over my clitoris, and quickly learnt that you should only use a tiny amount otherwise it becomes too slippery and you lose the sensation.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the mouth is also great for a unique massage on your alternative erogenous zones. I personally found the sensations nice on my nipples, inner elbow and neck.

On the clitoris however, as I previously mentioned, the suction is really quite powerful even on the lowest settins – that I had to really slow down my experience in case of climaxing too quickly. You may say that surely can’t be a bad thing, but a slow build up of pleasure actually makes for longer and larger orgasms.

When I tried this out with my partner, the experience was good. It is small enough to fit over the clitoris during vaginal penetration with fingers, penis or dildo – making it a great couples toy to enjoy orgasms during sex.

Lora DiCarlo Baci: Final Thoughts

Since owning the Baci, it’s quickly becoming of my easy go-to toys for clitoral fun. I love the simplicity, power and adaptability for my body.

Compared to other airflow toys, I do feel that the broad clitoral stimulator part of the toy makes for a deeper thrumming experience on my internal clitoris – spreading the pleasure over the vulva as opposed to direct sensation. This preference, however, is very personal and it’s up to every individual to determine what type of pleasure they enjoy, and want to invest in enhancing with a toy.

At $160, it’s definitely not ‘cheap’ (and nor does it feel it), but that price is roughly in line with other premium brand clitoral sex toys – the Lelo Sona Cruise 2, for example. With a bit of exploration, the Baci can quickly teach you about the type of clitoral stimulation you enjoy – and indeed, what sort of stimulation might be a bit too much, a bit too quickly.

That’s a pretty good ‘problem’ to have, though.

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