Womanizer Duo review: a $219 blended orgasm toy that delivers on experience, but not on ‘Smart Silence’ promise



Womanizer Duo review: a $219 blended orgasm toy that delivers on experience, but not on ‘Smart Silence’ promise
Womanizer Duo review: a $219 blended orgasm toy that delivers on experience, but not on ‘Smart Silence’ promise
Womanizer Duo review: a $219 blended orgasm toy that delivers on experience, but not on ‘Smart Silence’ promise
Automatic standby mode when not on skin saves battery & keeps it discreet
Strong vibration and deep G-spot stimulation
Innovative 'alien-like' design

While there are a few other sex toys on the market with simultaneous clitoral suction and G-spot vibration, the Womanizer DUO is an innovative spin on the classic rabbit design and technology, served up with an almost alien-like appearance.

Womanizer’s raison d’être is to release products on the basis of ‘guaranteed orgasms’ – that’s based on 98 percent of the company’s survey respondents that say they have experienced an orgasm with a Womanizer product.

So, does the $219/£179 Womanizer DUO live up to this high bar?


Womanizer Duo: Rating

7.8Expert Score
One hell of an experience, but it's definitely not 'silent'

The Womanizer Duo has achieved a pretty high score as it is a relatively unique device that offers dual pleasure and long lasting orgasms with minimal effort needed.

Though it is on the higher price range, I’d still recommend it for the orgasmic experience, but perhaps not for the ‘Silence Technology’.

Ease of Use
Feature Set
We Like
  • Automatic standby mode when not on skin saves battery &amp
  • keeps it discreet
  • Strong vibration and deep G-spot stimulation
  • Innovative 'alien-like' design
We Dislike
  • Loud suction/slurping sounds
  • Buttons difficult to navigate
  • Smaller nozzle difficult to keep on clitoris
Black, Deep Red
Black, Deep Red
Fully Waterproof

Womanizer Duo: Design

The Womanizer DUO comes in a luxuriously designed box, the packaging is enticing as you also can see the curiously shaped product through the plastic window. Inside the box, along with the product, you have a ‘Quick Starter User Guide’, a black drawstring bag (with gold detail) for safekeeping, a USB charger with magnetic charging pins, and two stimulation nozzles. In the instruction manual these nozzles are called ‘S’ and ‘M’ stimulation heads, which presumably stands for ‘small’ and ‘medium’; one provides more direct stimulation and the other has a broader mouth.

The DUO itself is atypical in shape – somewhere between an alien-ray-gun, and a hair-dryer – which is comprised of an insertable G-spot vibrator arm and a clitoral stimulator head.

It comes in a reddish bordeaux or black and gold, and is 203 x 88 x 58 mm in size.

The on/off button is located on the back of the head. The increase/decrease intensity buttons for both the vibrator and clitoral parts are located on the top of the head, to face the user when inserted into the vagina. Below the intensity buttons is the vibration pattern button, solely for the vibrating arm.

Both the clitoral and G-spot parts have 12 intensity levels, and the G-spot arm offers ten unique patterns, so there are a range of sensations to explore. When not in use the DUO stays in standby mode for ten mins before automatically switching off. When switched on, a white light shines inside the clitoral suction head.

As it is made from silicone, it is recommended to be used with a water-based lubricant, and to avoid silicone-based lube. As the DUO is completely waterproof, it’s also incredibly easy to clean – and great for bath or shower fun.

Note: while it can be used in the shower, I’d recommend lying down with this toy, as it packs a punch.

Womanizer Duo: Experience

The Womanizer DUO mostly does what it claims to do, and that’s blended pleasure, yet the ‘silent’ part is compromised. The toy itself, particularly the G-spot vibrator is ingeniously silent, definitely in comparison to most vibrators on the market, and is totally silent when not in contact with the skin.

However, if there is some residue (which presumably there will be, either vaginal moisture or lubricant) and the suction part is not completely covering the clitoris, there is an unfortunate loud sucking, slurping sound. Moreover, for those who desire an intense suction (from level six up) the clitoral stimulator head becomes loud and buzzy. For anyone that lives with family or friends nearby, that combined sucking and buzzing noise isn’t massively appreciated late at night.

Nevertheless, the most important part of the ‘Smart Silence’ technology, isn’t actually the volume of vibration and suction sounds, it is the fact that the stimulation only occurs when in contact with your skin. If you pull it away for a moment, the toy goes into standby mode for ten minutes – saving you from unnecessary noise and conserving battery life. It’s also a bonus if you’re enjoying the toy with a partner, so you can have a break without worrying about it distracting you or switching off too quickly.

Having tried it again with my partner, during the day, noise being no issue, I discovered that a few of the vibration patterns on the G-spot arm offer a deep rumbling penetrative sensation inside the vagina. Combining this with the suction provides a positively pleasurable experience. You can really feel your orgasm literally being teased out of you, complimented by the bassey notes of the G-spot stimulation.

While I’d say little effort was needed to enjoy the pleasure that the DUO offers, there were a few moments where that experience was marginally compromised. Adjusting the position of the toy to ensure maximum stimulation was more difficult when using the smaller nozzle as some pressure was needed to angle it onto the clitoris, by squeezing the head down. However, this angling was also overcome by pushing the G-spot arm deeper into the vagina, which initially was quite uncomfortable, so I’d recommend taking your time and consider using more lube.

Even though I knew where the buttons were located and they are engraved, in the midst of self-pleasure, when I perhaps just wanted clitoral or G-spot stimulation it felt frustrating when I accidentally hit the wrong buttons at just the wrong moment. It was a learning curve that got easier after a couple of uses.

Having said that, my needs of a long-lasting blended orgasm were regularly fulfilled with each use. During one long orgasm, I accidentally turned of the DUO, mistakenly thinking that the toy had run out of battery – despite promising two hours of play. My orgasm could well have lasted longer (a kudos to the toy’s abilities) if it weren’t for the positioning of the ‘off’ button, but I have since learnt my lesson.

Womanizer Duo Review: Verdict

A toy that creates a deep blended climax that lasts, with little effort required, has to be given some credit. Even though I have some issues with the ‘Smart Silence’ aspect, and its retail price, if you are looking for a well-designed product that delivers great orgasms, the DUO has you covered.

Just don’t expect it, or you, to be silent.

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