Womanizer Premium review: An amazing destination, via a slightly frustrating journey


$149.00 $199

Womanizer Premium review: An amazing destination, via a slightly frustrating journey
Womanizer Premium review: An amazing destination, via a slightly frustrating journey
Womanizer Premium review: An amazing destination, via a slightly frustrating journey
$149.00 $199
Hygienic – Silicone buttons make it easy to clean
Standby mode is discreet and good for those who are sensitive
The shape is potentially better for intercourse and for kink than the Womanizer Pro
Intense orgasms
Fully waterproof

Womanizer has become a go-to favorite for many people as a result of its innovative (and genuinely enjoyable) Pleasure Air technology. Rather than actual vibrations, most Womanizer devices use suction, and the Womanizer Premium model is no different in this regard.

Unlike many vibrators that still use awful hard plastic that leaves your clitoris feels bruised and abused, the Premium is made of silicone, which feels warm and smooth. Needless to say, as a huge fan of the $149 Womanizer Pro, I was excited to get the $199 Womanizer Premium experience underway.

Womanizer Premium: Rating

6.8Expert Score
Amazing orgasms, though it might take some effort to get there

As an avid fan of the Womanizer Pro, it’s hard not to compare the two. The Premium’s main selling point, the autopilot function, ended up being a disappointment and left me feeling frustrated.

The fact that the shape gets directly in the way of the vaginal opening, and that the nozzle sizes are too small and oddly shaped for my body, results in a fairly low overall score. The orgasms are amazing, but I had to put in some work to get there.

Ease of Use
Feature Set
We Like
  • Hygienic – Silicone buttons make it easy to clean
  • Standby mode is discreet and good for those who are sensitive
  • The shape is potentially better for intercourse and for kink than the Womanizer Pro
  • Intense orgasms
  • Fully waterproof
We Dislike
  • Small nozzles made it difficult to keep in place on the clitoris
  • Suction is noticeable, which can be distracting
  • Not a great shape for couple play
  • Disappointing autopilot mode
  • Expensive
$149.00 $199
Black, Pink, Purple, White, Bright Red
Black, Pink, Purple, White, Bright Red
Black, Pink, Purple, White, Bright Red
Black, Pink, Purple, White, Bright Red
Black, Pink, Purple, White, Bright Red
Fully Waterproof
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The Womanizer Premium
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Womanizer Premium: Design

The Womanizer Premium comes in a lovely peach box with dark red accents, which does a solid job of convincing you that you’ve bought a really nice gift for your clitoris. It comes with two nozzles, a nice satin bag, and a magnet charger.

The shape of the Womanizer Premium is reminiscent of a remote control. The on/off switch is on the front side of the Womanizer Premium, just below the + and – speed control buttons. The button to increase intensity is larger (and therefore easier to reach for) than the one that reduces power.

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As the buttons are also made of silicone, it makes them much more hygienic than other physical buttons. With a spray cleaner, freshening the exterior of Womanizer Premium took less than 5 seconds. It’s also waterproof, which is a huge bonus – both for fun bath-time activities, and for cleaning.

The increase/decrease intensity buttons are located at the centre of the vibrator, the autopilot button is located a bit further down, and the on/off button is located at the very end. I appreciate that the “off” button is far away from the other buttons, so you won’t accidentally turn it off.

There are two different size nozzles included in the box, and it’ll likely take you a little bit of playing around to see which can work best for you (more on this below).

For charging, there’s a magnetic arrangement. It takes around two hours to fully charge, and that should be good for up to four hours of use. The chances you’ll need it for four hours in one sitting are pretty slim though.

Womanizer Premium: In Use

The long and flat design makes it a good choice for intercourse, as it allows you to hold it in such a way that neither your hands nor the vibrator will create too much distance between two bodies. However, the tip of the Womanizer Premium reaches about 3cm beyond the nozzle – which, combined with its flat design, resulted in it getting in the way of the vaginal opening. Attempting to hold it sideways was made harder due to the shape and size of the nozzle, and thus my attempts of dual pleasure were a failure.

On one hand, the slim design is better for intercourse, but on the other – you won’t know if it works for you and your anatomy until you try it. The distance between the clitoris and the vaginal opening varies from person to person, but you would need around 5cm minimum if you want to use the Womanizer Premium in combination with penetration.

Both of the nozzles that came in the kit were too small for me, which made it quite difficult to keep it in place (hence the failure). The nozzles’ oval design meant I wasn’t able to move it around – a habit picked up from frequent use of the Womanizer Pro. I also had to use quite a bit of pressure, and at one point, had to stop and use my left hand to find my clitoris and accurately place the nozzle. Needless to say, this was frustrating and distracting.

Unfortunately, larger nozzles aren’t for sale. My clitoris isn’t abnormally large, and Womanizer has previously provided larger nozzles, so I found this a little strange. Anyone that buys a vibrator that costs $200+, would expect that it will actually fit.

The buttons proved to be a bit of a challenge, despite the slightly different sizes, as there wasn’t much tactile feedback, and the last thing you want to do while attempting to achieve an orgasm is to fumble around trying to find the correct buttons. However, it’s something I got used to after a few uses.

The magnetic charger didn’t exactly win me over versus a regular one either. The magnets aren’t very strong, and you need to keep the Womanizer Premium in an upright position or the charger will fall off. The design also makes it vulnerable to cat attacks, and I didn’t feel confident in knowing that it was charging while I was going about my day.

Three small, pink LED lights indicate the battery level. I personally enjoy the rave-style LEDs that the Womanizer Pro provides, but the Womanizer Premium is definitely classier, and feels more modern.

Womanizer Premium: Autopilot and Suction Technology

What makes this model vastly different from the others is its autopilot function. According to the description on the Womanizer Website, the autopilot function “creates a new experience with every use. It will randomly select various stimulation patterns and intensities, creating a unique experience every time”.

This might be true, but I found myself so bored and frustrated with the autopilot that I eventually gave up. The website uses the word “patterns” to refer to autopilot’s varying intensities and stimulation.

The autopilot seems to shuffle between level 1, 4, 8 or 12 – depending on which intensity you choose. My main gripe is that you can’t set it to only shuffle between 2 and 4, or 3 and 6. “Level 1” in the autopilot function also seems to be much less powerful than the normal level 1 when not using autopilot, which I found odd. It also seems to always begin at level 1.

Obviously, it’s necessary to start on a low level – but if a person requires level 8 and above to feel any pleasure, then why is level 1-5 included in the programming? I’m a level 1-4 type of gal, and level 1 in the autopilot function did absolutely nothing for me. I could barely feel it, and found myself waiting for it to jump to the next level.

It’s a neat feature, but for $219 / €179 / £169 I expected a lot more.

The suction is more powerful than the Womanizer Pro, but it almost felt too powerful – to the point where it was distracting. Whereas the Womanizer Pro’s suction feels smooth and uninterrupted, the Womanizer Premium’s suction is very noticeable. It feels slower, like a very noticeable tug that happens at regular intervals. I’m a power queen, which means that I require powerful vibrators, but the suction was a bit distracting to me and, honestly, I found myself wanting to reach for the Womanizer Pro more than once.

But, my orgasms were amazing. I thought the Womanizer Pro provided the epitome of pleasure, but boy was I wrong. They’re the type of orgasms that make you writhe and uncontrollably moan.

The standby mode is a nice addition to Womanizer’s continuous innovation model. The Premium doesn’t start until you place it on your skin, which saves battery and makes it more discreet. This feature is also great for those who are sensitive and need to abruptly stop the vibration. It will turn itself off after five minutes of not being in use, which is a smart safety measure considering that it stops vibrating if it’s not in contact with your skin – which means that you might forget to turn it off.

Overall, the Womanizer Premium is fairly quiet – up to around level 8. I would have felt confident using it while keeping my bedroom window open, if it weren’t for the fact that my orgasms made me scream like a primal beast.

Womanizer Premium: Overall Verdict

As a single lady who doesn’t dabble too much in one night stands, the Womanizer Premium doesn’t really fulfill my needs. Yes, the orgasms are more intense, but the design – especially the nozzle sizes – made it frustrating to use at points.

The main novelty of the Womanizer Premium is the autopilot function, which ended up a big disappointment. In that regard, the Womanizer Premium feels more like a prototype, as if Womanizer is experimenting with an autopilot function, but hasn’t gotten it quite right yet. I also don’t understand why the underlying suction technology changed to a somewhat odd, pulsating hard suction.

On the other hand, while arguably too powerful, there’s no denying the intensity of the orgasms it delivers.

The Womanizer Pro will still be my go-to vibrator, but the Womanizer Premium is something I will reach for when on orgasm number four and need something even more intense to fully blow me away.

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