YanksVR review: Realism shines through in female-only scenes



YanksVR review: Realism shines through in female-only scenes
YanksVR review: Realism shines through in female-only scenes
YanksVR review: Realism shines through in female-only scenes
Unlimited downloads
Great realism
Good mix of performers
Ethically produced

YanksVR is a VR porn site with a difference. Or at least in theory. What sets it apart is its focus on realism over ‘glamor’, and its staunch dedication to 100% female production. We’ve put the site through our review process to see what it delivers for paying users in our full YanksVR review.

The result of that 100 percent female production is VR porn that’s awash with solo scenes and girl-girl clips, but a higher than average production values and ethics ($1 of each sale is donated to Call to Safety) brings a higher than average monthly subscription cost.

Is a YanksVR subscription worth that additional outlay though? We put the site through its paces in our full YanksVR review.

21/06/2022 – Update

The content of this review needs updating, but the information in the summary box is always updated regularly.


YanksVR: Review Score

6.7Expert Score
The home of real orgasms and real amateurs

In some ways, the realism of YanksVR content makes it stand apart from some of the alternatives, but if you’re looking for a monthly subscription, you’re going to end up at one of the more expensive VR sites going. If, however, you’re happy to join for a year, the monthly cost falls to a far more reasonable level. It just depends how much you value that realism.

Ease of Use
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Great realism
  • Good mix of performers
  • Ethically produced
  • 4K Max resolution
  • No streaming
  • No teledildonics
yanksvr 1000 300
Scenes: 276+
Performers: 139+
Weekly Updates: 2
Max Resolution: 4K
Angle(s):  180|360
Includes Non-VR (2D) Porn:
1 Month: $ 39.95
3 Months: $ 71.95
6 Months: $ 119.85
12 Months: $ 189.95
Gift Cards  
Interactive Toys 
Real Amateurs

YanksVR Review: Design and Content

We’re not going to mince words here – if easy navigation and great categorisation are your primary concerns (unlikely as that is), then YanksVR isn’t the best option. Upon registration/logging in, you’re presented with page after page of videos to browse through. There are around 276+ videos to watch, and around 139+ performers, meaning most star in more than one scene.

While it might not be easy to find what you’re looking for with that method, if you dig a little deeper and use the advanced search function, you can actually get quite granular control over whatever you’re looking for, it’s just a shame this categorisation isn’t put to better use throughout the site, aside of the tags you can click below each video.

There’s a regular search function available from each page though, which works pretty well if you don’t want to bother with the advanced one. If you prefer, you can also select the ‘Models’ page and use the filters there to find a particular performer you like.

As YanksVR focuses on amateur scenes featuring just women, you’ll find that many of the scenes are shorter than you might otherwise expect on a premium site – ranging on average between 6 minutes and around 20 minutes. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on whether you like to hop between scenes or sit an watch an entire 30-minutes instead. If you’re the latter, YanksVR isn’t for you.

There’s also no scripts in play on YanksVR, so what you get is a more natural feeling scene, and less of a focus on delivering a POV experience, which is where many other VR sites excel. While you do (of course) have that for many videos, lots of the YanksVR scenes are also available in 360-degrees which let you take a ‘fly on the wall’ voyeur angle instead.

One of the key things to remember about YanksVR is that it’s not full of your average porn stars (that might be a huge plus, or a negative, depending on your preferences), if you’re more a ‘girl next door’ fan, you’ll be happy though.

Most importantly, what the higher, female-led production values deliver is a whole lot more real orgasms than you’re likely to see in most other porn sites. Each week a new girl is added, so the catalog gets regular updates too, and there’s a pretty balanced mix of younger and more mature models.

The quality of the content itself is generally good (in what we tested), though you may find a little bleeding right at the edge of the display. This is better in more recent videos too, so you may well notice the change in quality on older clips.

YanksVR: Features and Pricing

Like most other top VR porn sites, YanksVR supports generic smartphone (Android and iPhone), Gear VR, Oculus, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

Where others might give you different quality videos to download within each device type, YanksVR only offers a lower than normal quality download for smartphones. All scenes are 180-degree, 4K by default.

If you were hoping to use YanksVR with your Launch or Kiiroo device, you’re out of luck though, as there’s no teledildonic device support at the moment.

There’s also no convenient streaming option at the moment, so you’ll need to download the videos before viewing them, whichever device/headset you’re using.

  • YanksVR offers rolling monthly subscriptions at $39.95 per month, though that’s obviously the most expensive way to subscribe if you’re going to be a member for longer than 30 days.
  • The next level is a three-month subscription that works out at $23.98 per month (39% off monthly cost) billed in a single instalment of $71.95 every 90 days.
  • A six month sub costs $19.98 each month (50% discount vs monthly), billed a single payment of $119.85 every 180 days.
  • The one year option drops that monthly cost further, to $15.83 each month (60% off vs rolling monthly sub) for an annual cost of $189.95.

Payment methods include Credit/Debit card, PayPal, or Cash/PO via snail mail. There’s no bitcoin payment option here yet, which you might want if you’re privacy-inclined and Bitcoin-rich.

YanksVR review: Overall

YanksVR is a tricky one. On one hand, it doesn’t allow streaming and we didn’t find it the best organized in terms of actually finding videos you want to watch easily. On the other it delivers a level of realism from the models themselves (not just the VR experience) in its VR porn scenes that you just don’t find in many cases.

If it was a $20 per month rolling subscription, it’d be a lot easier to recommend YanksVR as it stands today – the lack of streaming might not matter to some (watching on PS VR, for example) but if you’re using a smartphone, or Gear VR, needing to download all the files isn’t always practical. Nonetheless, the choice between low and high quality helps a little on keeping file size down, and because the scenes tend towards an average of about 10 minutes, file sizes aren’t usually more than 1GB or so.

If you’re looking for a little more diversity in your scenes (and performers – its currently an exclusively white list on the Model page), you should check out what’s on offer before you commit your cash. For anyone that values realism above all else, however, YanksVR is definitely a tempting option, particularly if you’re willing to commit for six months or more (as that brings down the relative monthly cost).

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