Kiiroo Pearl2 smart vibrator brings better interactivity and stronger vibrations

Kiiroo Pearl2

Teledildonic sex toy manufacturer Kiiroo has launched the Pearl2, a new smart vibrator that’s compatible with other sextech devices, and features stronger vibrations than the previous generation device it replaces.

The Pearl2 has been designed to work more widely – and to be multi-directional, ie. responding to input from other devices, rather than just transmitting – with other connected sex toys, and the improved vibration system responds to how intensely you’re using it.

Just like the Fleshlight Launch for men, the Pearl2 can also be synced with interactive content for 2D or VR experiences delivered via FeelMe.

It’s available in two colors – purple or black – and both come with a chrome plate so it doesn’t slip out of your hands. Oh, and it’s also fully waterproof, and can be used while submerged.

Naturally, it’s all made from body safe silicon too. It measures up at 20cm, so it’s not the smallest vibrator available by a long shot, and weighs 139 grams.

It doesn’t offer the same level of flexibility as something like the MysteryVibe Crescendo, but then it does offer additional teledildonic benefits – which is best for you will likely depend on whether you primarily want to use it alone, with someone else, or with interactive content/interactive webcams. If you do want to use it in interactive mode, you’ll also need to download the FeelMe (and/or) FeelVR app too, which are free on Google Play and the iOS app store.

The Pearl2 is available to buy directly from Kiiroo now, though you’ll need to wait until August 23 if you’re in Europe and want a black one. It costs €99.

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