3D Scanner for ‘RealSize’ custom condoms will ensure the perfect fit (and a reason to create a virtual model of your penis)

lovense realsize condoms

Lovense, better known as creators of hi-tech interactive sex toys like the Gush, has launched a line of condoms that the company is offering on a subscription or one-off basis.

The RealSize condom line is currently available in six different sizes, based on the girth required —49mm (160mm long), 51mm (180mm long) , 52mm (180mm long), 54mm (180mm long) , 56mm (190mm long) and 60mm (190mm long) — to residents in the United States, but will soon be expanding to offer new options for a truly custom fit for any customer.

Right now, this might be an exciting new revenue stream from Lovense’s point-of-view, but customers wanting to buy a ‘custom-fit’ condom will be likely be considerably more excited by the prospect of Lovense’s forthcoming virtual measuring tool.

Once available, the new measuring tool will create a virtual 3D model of a penis and design a condom that’s perfectly sized to fit. Additionally, once you’ve created your custom-sized condom, you can create your own custom subscription for as many condoms, as regularly as you’d like them delivered.

For now, customers wanting to test out the pre-sized RealSize condoms will need to measure the girth of their penis the old way, or use Lovense’s current, notably lo-tech, measuring tool shown below, instead.

lovense measure

Lovense says that, for now, the condoms are only available to consumers in the United States, but there are plans to offer the RealSize range and subscription to buyers in the United Kingdom and European Union, from mid-2022.

We’ll let you know once that new measuring tool is available to use though.

realsize condoms

For one-off purchases, a pack of 12 is currently on sale for $13.99, 24 for $20.99 and 36 for $25.99. Opting for a subscription instead takes between $4 and $6 dollars off each of those prices.

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