Lovense is working on a hands-free rival to the Hot Octopuss Pulse called Gush

Lovense Gush FCC

Lovense looks to be working on a rival penis-stimulating sex toy to the Hot Octopuss Pulse, judging by certification images that have appeared online showing a new product the company is reportedly producing.

The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) images appear to show a part for the Lovense Gush, a Bluetooth “cock wrap” vibrating toy, according to Kyle Machulis, an engineer who runs the open source project Machulis first linked the images on his Twitter profile.
The images filed at the Federal Communications Commission, posted to Twitter by

The ‘wraparound’ design looks similar to that of the Hot Octopuss Pulse, billed by the company as a ‘guybrator’ that wraps around the penis, vibrates, and can be used hands-free. The Pulse Solo Essential model, which does not have Bluetooth or other remote control capability, currently sells for $99.95.

Lovense, which specialises in Bluetooth and remote access sex toys, is yet to confirm the release of the Lovense Gush. The company hadn’t responded to a request for comment at the time of publication. We’ll update this article if or when it does.

Update 29/09/2021: A Hot Octopuss spokesperson confirmed the legitimacy of the device, along with revealing a few of the features to SEXTECHGUIDE.

“Lovense plans to launch two new products to the market by the end of the year, one of which is Gush. As you correctly noted, Gush has passed certification and will soon be available for purchase. Lovense is working on new interactive features and integrations with different multimedia content, and a handsfree wearable toy is the perfect device for this.”

In summer 2021, Hot Octopuss launched the latest model in its popular Atom cock ring range: the Atom Plus Lux. It was the company’s first remote-operated vibrating cock ring, and featured duel integrated motors, while Lovense made its first foray into the cock ring market in early 2021, with the Diamo product.

The company also recently launched a new dual-stimulation sex toy called the Lovense Quake which, as is standard for the company’s products, can be controlled by the Lovense Remote App. Made of silicone, the Quake is a dual-stim toy, with two motors designed to stimulate two parts of the body at once.

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