Brain Waves XR emotion-inducing VR system uses light to trick brain into experiencing arousal

Brain Waves XR emotion-inducing VR system uses light to trick brain into experiencing arousal

A Canadian virtual reality (VR) startup company has developed an emotion induced-VR system for creating emotions and phantom touch sensations using light, and has teamed up with VR and sex doll experience company Oh My Doll to apply it to the sex tech sphere.

The company, Brain Waves XR, calls the VR process it has developed ‘Flow’. It works with light being emitted from VR headsets so they are interpreted by the wearer’s brain and elicit particular positive emotions, such as confidence or happiness, or touch sensations.

Rather than using haptic VR technology that delivers real-life sensations to the body synced up with emotion induced VR experiences, through haptic wearables, Brain Waves XR’s system ‘tricks’ the brain into feeling sensations. It uses light emission and visuals, such as images of ice to induce an icy cold sensation.

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One of Oh My Doll’s VR/sex doll offerings

The VR company has been using the Flow technology at Oh My Doll’s experience venues in Montreal and Edmonton, where you can get frisky with a sex doll while wearing a VR headset. Brain Waves XR claims that at these venues, “people will experience an abundance of sex hormones and a positive change of their emotions by using VR porn that’s transmitted through Brain Waves XR’s Flow technology.”

The company acknowledged that this technology is in its relative infancy, and that it might be a while before people around the world are getting jacked-up on sexually positive VR thrills through the power of light flashes in their headsets.

Brain Waves XR claims, though, that if it continues to be developed, the Flow system could be beneficial in fields such as physical health, tourism, gaming, retail and psychological treatment, in addition to sextech.

“Conventional erotic massage parlors are outdated. We’re now on the verge of having a high-tech body rub industry; high-tech adult entertainment is going mainstream! So, the next time you go out with your partner, you might be headed to an adult playground instead of a restaurant,” the company says, somewhat optimistically.

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