ViRo Club brings VR hookups, synced sex toys and haptic feedback to the virtual world

A neon-lit room transformed by ViRo Club's immersive VR technology.

Online adult ‘play space’ ViRo.Club – Virtual Romance Club, if you want the full name – pairs virtual reality and motion-synced sex toys to extend VR sexual experiences to partners (or strangers) in private rooms. According to the company, ViRo.Club’s adult-playground is a “high-quality online adult theme park where people can safely explore their fantasies and meet up with other like-minded users.”

Using detailed motion capture of live actors, the game offers a variety of tailored experiences, from “cabin fever” to “campfires” and “naughty nurses.” Each experience puts users in a virtual world, either alone or with other real-life players. Currently, it supports over 45 sex toys (like the Fleshlight Launch, Lovense Max 2 and OhMiBod’s Fuse) that sync with the on-screen actions. While the point of it is VR, it will run on a Windows desktop too without a virtual reality headset.

It’s one of the few games to offer experiences in virtual reality for BDSM fans, furries and the LGBTQ+ community, particularly as it tailors who produces the content depending on the scenario, e.g. women write scenes for women, furries write scenarios for furries, etc.

The game is available via Steam’s VR development platform for Windows users. Memberships start at $1 per month, which gives you access to a private photo album, Stream archives and more.

For $5 per month, you gain access to “feedback sessions” so you can share your thoughts, read the developer log, and vote for upcoming experiences you want to appear in future updates. And finally, at $10 per month, you become a “premium club member” and can enter private channels, as well as use the chat features. The company told SEXTECHGUIDE that it suspended its Indiegogo campaign “to focus our resources on creating new content” for users.

With plenty of competition in the VR porn game space, is up against alternative experiences, like the Virtual Mate, an intimate interactive adult gaming experience. On the VR gaming front, there’s SinVR, 3DXChat, and Fallen Doll to name just a few.

Perhaps more similar, in some ways, is iStripper VR,  or the Sex Bot Quality Assurance Simulator, a game that places a strong emphasis on female sexual pleasure. None of these really offer the same sort of proposition, though.

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