iStripper, the desktop app that puts performers on your taskbar, is finally building out a proper VR experience for its users.

The new VR section of the iStripper desktop application isn’t fully integrated into the main app yet, but there is a panel listing the 180-degree VR scenes that are already available.

For launch, there are only four to chose between, but we’re expecting new additions frequently, considering the main catalog is updated daily.

Each show currently costs 30 credits, and don’t seem to include any of the regular member discounts that apply to non-VR shows. Again, we’d expect this to change in future.

The recommendation for most headsets is to download DEOVR player, or LittlStar if you’re viewing on a PSVR headset. However, given that you’re purchasing a video that’s available to download and watch directly, we expect them to work with other VR player apps that you might also be using. Full instructions are available at the top of the iStripper VR page.

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While we haven’t checked it out yet, it’s good to see the company listening to feedback and bringing real VR scenes to its offering. The only way previously was to use a workaround we identified in an earlier article.

In addition to the current desktop version of iStripper, the company is working on a mobile app, which would include these VR experiences in a more integrated way.

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