Kat Walk C2 treadmill lets you sit, crouch, lean forward and run in virtual reality

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A new virtual reality (VR) treadmill device is set to be released, featuring a new array of user positions that seem to have strong sextech potential.

The Kat Walk C2 is set to be released in summer 2022 following a highly-successful Kickstarter campaign, which secured over £1 million after setting out to raise just £200,000. The device sees you strapped to a supporting stand while you walk (or make other movements or get into different positions) on a flexible circular floor that transmits information about your stance and movements to the VR world.

It is designed to be used for gaming and follows the release of the original Kat Walk, which looked a little like a massive electronic food mixer, with a much larger structure than its sequel.

Most VR treadmills, such as Virtuix’s Omni device, are primarily designed to let you run in VR. The new Kat Walk C2 piques interest by having a wider array of compatible movements; using the new device you can now make movements such as crouching, leaning forward and sitting down in VR.

We’d be getting ahead of ourselves by suggesting that the Kat Walk C2 is going to be immediately used for virtual sex sessions, for which the ability to make a VR avatar crouch, lean forward and sit could be extremely useful. But with interest in sex in the metaverse increasing, and organizations such as Raspberry Dream Land creating sex-positive social VR spaces, how new VR devices might be used in relation to metaverse sex is now a common question.

Recently researchers in South Korea created a VR headset-attached device that causes sensations on the mouth area, leading to suggestions that it could be used for realistic VR kissing and other mouth-related pleasure sensations.

screenshot 2022 05 23 at 12.00.38
Some positions compatible with the Kat Walk C2

The development of haptic vests, which have recently become more sleek and less clunky, have also led to questions about how they could help create more realistic body touch sensations in the metaverse.

VR treadmills have tended to be extremely expensive, sometimes selling for five-figure sums. They have also tended to be extremely heavy and take up lots of space, creating barriers for home delivery and storage.

The Kat Walk C2 is likely to remain a niche product, but it is more accessible than many VR treadmills on the market. It reportedly weights around 54kg, compared to over 226kg for the original Kat Walk.

It’s being sold for $998, plus delivery costs, should you see the potential yourself.

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