P(eni)S5: Playstation 5-compatible penis sleeve coming this spring

dreamcam ps5 sleeve

A vibrating penis sleeve that can be linked to the Playstation 5 games console is set to be released by Cyprus-based virtual reality (VR) porn platform Dreamcam.

The P(eni)S5 add-on, which attaches to the Playstation 5 via USB, is designed to be used in conjunction with Dreamcam VR goggles. The company said that by using the setup, you will be able to visit more than six “replica” game landscapes while the sleeve vibrates your penis, should you have one.

Whether the device is designed to be something many people actually buy, rather than a marketing wheeze, is yet to be established. Dreamcam said that the P(eni)S5 device will be available in spring 2022, but it has already generated buzz among the UK tabloid press.

Hyping the launch, Dreamcam company principle Daniel Golden referenced locations in the games Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. “Have you always fantasized about boning your PS5 at Tilted Towers? Now you can!” he said. “Bring your attachment to Verdansk Stadium in Warzone to bang out a quick one.”

The information released about the P(eni)S5 suggests that it will be designed to be used in replica versions of these famous gaming locations, rather than the originals. There has been no suggestion that the P(eni)S5 setup can be used when interacting with others in VR.

This is probably just as well, as huge concerns about sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances in the metaverse have been raised recently. Earlier in February 2022 Meta launched a new Personal Boundary function on its Horizon Worlds and Venues platforms, following reports of female users being harassed and sexually intimidated within them.

The P(eni)S5 will reportedly cost $150: a similar price point to popular penis sleeve devices made by the Hot Octopuss brand. This makes it a tough sell, even if it does allow you to make jokes about your PS5 being “fucked”.

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