Couples in the room sit down. Hot Octopus has just launched its new range of solo-use penis vibrators, the Pulse Solo Essential and Pulse Solo Lux. Upgraded from the original Pulse III Solo, these devices come smaller, lighter and stronger. Unlike the Duo version, which offers mutual stimulation for cis heterosexual couples during penetrative sex, the Solo is recommended for solo fun.

Inspired by the medical industry, Pulse uses “Pulse Plate Technology” – essentially, an oscillation mechanism, originally used to treat people with spinal cord injuries to help them ejaculate. With a need for more accessible sex tech, Hot Octopus’ devices can be used by people with erectile dysfunction, mobility issues and trans and non-binary identities.

While the original Pulse III Solo cost $169, Hot Octopus wanted to appease its customers with a cheaper device, which is why the Essential comes in at $99. It has six vibration settings, is waterproof and offers hands-free stimulation. Crucially, it is both more compact, and more powerful, than its predecessor.

The Pulse Solo Lux on the other hand comes with a wrist strap remote, which looks like a sleek smart watch, for even more hands free control. For $149 users can enjoy the ‘turbo’ setting for extra power. The Lux claims to reach 4,450RPM, 500 more than the Essential, and include magnetic charging.

According to Hot Octopus, the Pulse devices can be used on flaccid or erect penises, and either with lube as a stroking masturbator, or without lube for static stimulation.

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