Reality Lovers, a general access VR porn site that currently occupies the tenth spot in our list of best adult VR sites, is closing down its ‘milf-focused’ niche brand Mature Reality.

While that sounds a bit like bad news for viewers that enjoy mature VR scenes, it’s really not as the existing and future releases will all still be accessible via the main Reality Lovers site.

This takes the total number of scenes that’ll be available in a single subscription to over 280, with around 60 of those coming from Mature Reality’s catalog. As noted in our full review of Reality Lovers, don’t be confused by the scene numbers shown on the front page of the site, as some of them are the same scene counted multiple times because they’re available in both POV and ‘Voyeur’ views.

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Arguably, the decision might not make too much difference for existing Reality Lovers subscribers that aren’t interested in more mature performers (as they simply won’t watch the 60 or so scenes or future releases), but Mature Reality subscribers will likely welcome access to hundreds more scenes for no additional cost.

The merger between the two platforms will take place “at the beginning of November”, the company says, at which point subscribers to Mature Reality will need to log in at Reality Lovers instead.

We asked for an explanation of the decision – going against the general industry trend of ‘one site per niche’ – but didn’t an answer wasn’t forthcoming.

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