We’ve been meaning to put together a Reality Lovers review for a long time now, and it’s finally time to take a proper look at the service to see if it can offer as much value as VR porn sites like BaDoinkVR, VRBangersVirtualRealPorn and our other top-rated VR sites.

With a competitive pricing structure that most other subscription sites don’t offer – namely the ability to subscribe or purchase videos individually, it’s a compelling option for many people that perhaps don’t want to sign up for a full subscription. But it is a little lacking in other ways, which we’ll get to a little later in this Reality Lovers review.

As always, we’ve got a summary of the review in the next section below, and a comparison with other closely related VR porn sites right at the end of this Reality Lovers review.

Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers Review Rating

Reality Lovers at a Glance

  • Update Frequency:
  • Scenes: +
  • Max Resolution:
  • Performers: +
  • Price: From $
  • Teledildonic Scenes:
  • Includes Non-VR:
Reality Lovers Review $23.33+

Great, and Now Has Streaming

Reality Lovers used to make us struggle for an overall summary. It has one of the largest single catalogs, but didn’t used to support streaming or teledildonics. Now, it at least supports streaming, which makes it a lot more useful to a lot more people.
  • Ease of Use
  • Catalog Size
  • VR Quality
  • Extras
  • Value
User Review
2.1 (10 votes)


  • Big Catalog
  • Active Forum & Support
  • Can Buy Individual Scenes or Subscribe
  • POV & Voyeur Angles Available


  • No Teledildonics
  • No ‘Best-Viewed’ Indicator
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Reality Lovers Review: User Experience and Content

Reality Lovers is pretty much on a par with VirtualRealPorn as having the single biggest catalog – with a current count of + individual titles, all of which are (thanks to a recent redesign) nice and easy to filter and download in a variety of different formats.

What that adds up to is a huge catalog of dedicated VR porn scenes, but there’s a caveat: Reality Lovers uses a slightly unreliable CDN provider, which means that download time for videos varies wildly for every title. This wouldn’t be as much of an issue if streaming was an option, which it isn’t currently. It’s on the roadmap though.

The scenes seem to vary quite widely in length, from around 23 minutes up to 50+ minutes, but in our testing most of the longer ones were clips that included much more (admittedly still not very much) non-action ‘plot’. For example, in ‘A Boy Meets A Girl‘, roughly 15 minutes of the running time is spent in a restaurant on a date, with the remaining sex scenes taking place back at the apartment later.

There seem to be very frequent updates to the catalog too, which is probably why it’s one of the largest at the moment, but it seems to max out at 1080p.

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t have a best viewed angle indicator, or icons showing whether titles are 180, 220, 270, or 360-degree scenes, which can lead to a bit of trial and error.

Generally, we test with the same VR player app to get a base level of quality – VAR’s VR Player Pro – but in this case we had better results with the AAA+ VR Cinema. You’ll likely need to do your own testing with a couple of videos to find the best settings for your specific setup.

Reality Lovers Review: Headset Support & Features

  • Headsets Supported:

Reality Lovers, like other dedicated VR porn sites, supports the usual array of VR headsets, namely: the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream and general smartphone VR via Cardboard headsets. It’s also the only site we know of to state support for the VRotica VR porn-specific headset.

Sadly, while the site has been redesigned to be easier to use and have better options to help you quickly find the videos you’re looking for, it doesn’t yet offer an option to stream content directly without downloading it. There’s also no teledildonic device support yet, but last month the company said it was working on adding this capability. There’s no arrival date for teledildonic-compatible videos though.

The catalog is pretty much split in half between scenes that are filmed in POV and others that take a third-party ‘Voyeur’ view. Reality Lovers is also one of the few general VR porn sites that offers VR scenes aimed at women too, which is nice to see.

There’s even an active community section on the site too, which makes getting help simple enough.

Reality Lovers Review: Pricing

Reality Lovers, while not the cheapest site, is slightly above average price for a single rolling monthly subscription, but does have options others do not.

That one month options works out at $0.99 cents per day, $0.77 cents per day gets you three-months of access, or alternatively, you can purchase scenes individually ($9.99) without it setting up any recurring payments. Clearly, that works out more expensive than subscribing in the long run, but if you just want specific videos it’s nice to have the option, and not necessarily need to rely on sites like SexLikeReal.

Those numbers, however, aren’t that useful (it’s how Reality Lovers chooses to display prices, not us!), so here are those costs broken down into the actual payment amounts.

  • 1 Month – $29.99 each month ($0.99 per day)
  • 3 Months – $69.99 (works out to $0.77 per day)
  • Single scene – $9.99

Reality Lovers Review: Overall

Reality Lovers has one of the largest single catalogs of VR porn videos of all the sites we’ve reviewed so far, making it pretty much on a par with VirtualRealPorn on size alone. However, it lacks some of the more advanced features, like teledildonics, and even a few of the basic ones – like streaming support.

That last one is a bit of a deal-breaker for anyone considering Reality Lovers, but that doesn’t have a lot of room to store VR porn downloads.

Nonetheless, with + VR videos already and the missing features planned, Reality Lovers is going to be one to watch for the future.

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